Domanja check.

“Oh NO — the ring!  It was so expensive!  Gotta get it — woah… what a pair of LEGS…” *hungry smacking of the lips* LMAO!  Oh, JiWoo.  Such a cad. Heheh.   — ^@@^  (Filming of Episode 1 image source: Cyworld)


Rain and NaYoung filming Runaway/Fugitive on the 7th.  Looks rather cold.  Brrr.  (images: DC Rain Gallery / source site: rain-cloud)


Rain fans and Director Kwak… so cool.  (image source: DC Inside)

The Fugitive Plan B staff post on Twitter: Rain fans visit the Fugitive set, 11/7/2010

The Rain fan officials visited ‘The Fugitive Plan B’ set to encourage the drama team and posed for a photo with director Kowak, with a funny placard in their hands.

The placard says, “We are grateful for such benefits we receive from Bi-neunim (Rain god)

Oh~~Bi-llelujah (Rain-llelujah) !!!

– The whole staff belonging to the International Association formed by fanatical Rain fans, in charge of the Korean chapter in Asian region – “

Brief translation by rain bird

~ by Cloud USA on November 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “Domanja check.”

  1. Thank you for clearing that up. 🙂


  2. Cool for JiHoon, so they are putting him on a GOD level? WOW they are fanatical (RainGod) sorry not trying to insult, but people like that scare me. If this seems inappropriate I’ll understand not publishing.


    • I don’t think they are putting him on a God level. Just to show some reverence. Meaning was a little twisted/lost in translation. Koreans use these kind of phrases all the time. I’m not worried or offended by what’s on the banner and I’m a Baptist.


    • Yeah, what stacy said. Exactly.

      It seems that way from an American perspective, but that isn’t how THEY mean it. It’s more like when we say someone is at the very tip top of the heap in what they do, they rule it and no one else can touch them. Like the King of Pop. The Lord of the Dance. The Emperor of New York. The God of War.

      It’s the same as when American women are like, “Oooh girl he looks like a goddddd.” It’s not about religion. It has nothing to do with religion.

      The word “god” doesn’t only refer to the creator in Heaven above either, it has multiple meanings (in English-speaking dictionaries, anyway, not sure about anywhere else), among them “a person or thing of supreme value” and “a very powerful ruler.”

      They are saying Rain is a person of supreme value to them (as well they should). Reverence.

      (I know you weren’t trying to insult anyone, lotus… I understand where you’re coming from and it has opened up a great dialogue here)

      Stephe ^@@^ (daughter of a Southern Baptist deacon)


    • Yes,

      What Stephe said. Language/Cultural barriers can be tough. It is easy to get confused.

      But what I love about you ladies is that instead of getting insulted or being defensive, you ask questions…and then wait for answers.

      I’m very proud of all of you, Cloud USA. :-}

      Terri :-}


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