Rain’s World Tour chief director strongly defends Rain: “Words are no proof Rain was gambling.”

[04-Nov-10][isplus] News
Credit: Chinese translated by WW & 大雨@ 韓社
Credit: English translated by Cuckoo@New York Cloud

The chief director of Rain World Tour strongly defends for Rain about the rumor of the latest gambling related news. “Rain’s heavy gambling habit”. This kind of news has no proof and intentionally made Rain in trouble.

Mr. Lau Sing Ho was the chief director of 2006-2007 Rain World Tour. On the 4th, he volunteers to accept an interview about news related to Rain gambling issues. “During the tour, I worked with Rain. Not only Rain but also all tour staffs were busy on all rehearsals and press conferences. It’s ridiculous saying Rain had gambled at that period” He was angrily said “It’s mainly because Andrew Kim  who was upset about the cancellation of LA concert. Therefore, he took his anger out on Rain without any proof.

Q: Did you work with Rain in World Tour?
A: Since 2006, I had worked with Rain a year and half for World Tour; we closed to each other at tour period.

Q; Why do you voluntarily accept the interview?
A: I was so angry after reading the news about Andrew Kim accused Rain in gambling. Also, I saw those key personnel leading to Rain World Tour cancellation, now accused Rain without any reasons. I think I can’t keep silent right now.

Actually, I am accountable for concert operation and related businesses. I don’t understand why nobody blamed on me. In fact, I was the one who blocked Rain to run towards that dangerous stage, his eyes were all red with tears looking at the stage at that time.

Q: However, someone said Rain was gambling in Las Vegas at that time?
A: All staffs who had worked with Rain at that time, we all believed that it was no proof of words. Due to the rehearsals and press conferences, he even had no time to sleep. It is ridiculous to say that Rain was gambling at the time. As we know, Rain is a person who gets serious work done, even his rehearsal. It’s exhausted working with him for one concert, because it felt like working for 3-4 concerts.

Q: So, has Rain ever gone to casino?
A: As we know that Las Vegas concert venue was located inside casino hotel, there are many gambling related facilities around. And we must go through the casino in order to reach the concert venue. Some dancers and staffs were curious about those slot machines. Then, Rain would say next to them “brothers, did you win anything? It’s not fair to say Rain was gambling in that situation.

Also, after concert, Rain and all staffs were having dinner in Korean restaurant. I was wondering if he had time to gamble.  I feel so sad because Rain was being attacked because he is celebrity.

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~ by Cloud USA on November 5, 2010.

10 Responses to “Rain’s World Tour chief director strongly defends Rain: “Words are no proof Rain was gambling.””

  1. You are all right about that false gambling issue.Having a gambling problem is like having a drunk problem or a drug problem,It will reflect on your everyday life,on your activities and soon it will be noticed by everybody.And we all know about Rain’s hard training and intense schedule!Going once or twice in a casino (to trying your luck) and spending your own money,it’s really acceptable for me.Of course,we all know about these journalists,who are ready to twist the story,just to have their material published and to get some attention with it.No matter,if there are only false accusations or not reliable witnesses.Let me put the facts straight:this person “‘Ä”,sued Rain for 30,000.000 $ (for the “failed” concert) and didn’t succeed.Then,the guy has found a new strategy and tried to accuse Rain for borrowing from him 150,000 $ and not repaying them later.Didn’t succeed with this either.Case closed!


  2. Yes,

    We also know that what he says about Rain crying and trying to get up on that stage and the chief director stopping him is true too, because we heard similar comments from a Cloud who was an eye witness at the concert venue that night.

    Terri :-}


  3. what he said is true, I’ve seen the autograph he left at the restaurant he went to…very late night after work…all lies what Kim says!!


  4. I’m just glad that there’s a person who had the gumption to stand up for Rain, who truly believes of the kind of person he really is and one who wants justice for a person who was wrongly accusedto rain this was toally wrong and how Mr.Kim did this to rain to found his STUPID idea making rain lost his poplution and caeere that still won”t work
    coz the true are here and if rain ever this gambling person then his caere will be nothing to him rain put his GOAL to root and suceed to his haedwork even though rain is a part of this LAS VESGAS so what all he their for his CONCERT nothing else rain are for yet the cancelled was hit rain very bad he even shreded his tearing whren he found out what happen …
    and their no time for rain to glambling either rain himself way off to bussy rehershal who would goes gambling and risk his concert for the heck of it but yes it true that their is peoples goes and gambling and loss 1,5000.000 or more that normal to any other peoples but came across rain he would borrow and lost his caere over gambling NOPE i think so!1 beside rain spen most of his mobney to donation and orphan alot that more like rain doing and suporting person he is !1
    rain is world star he will not do something to loss his caeere and ect… !!


  5. Thanks for posting this article this just makes Mr.Kim look like the jacka** that he is.


  6. Finally someone of his staff speaks up for Rain!!! This is the chief director and he should know what’s he is talking about coz he was in charge. I believe Rain 100% and I believe his chief director coz what he is describing is what we know for a fact is true about Rain. He likes to achieve perfection during his concerts and that only can be achieve by rehearsing. We know he sacrifies himself to the max so those concerts run smoothly so what his director is saying is what I expected. Rain is that way and nothing Kim and his people are saying make any sense to me so I don’t believe a word. Rain I love you and support you coz I have seeing what a great human beeing you are. Muah!!!


  7. I saw the tour director’s comments on another site and my comments there pretty much coincided with what he said. Rain would not have a career if he spent all his time gambling. People who have gambling problems can’t do concerts, tv dramas, interviews, photo shoots, fan meetings, mentoring new acts. EVERY waking hour would be spent on a casino stool not becoming an international star. Rain barely has time to sleep, much less gamble as much as it has been alluded to.

    We support you Bi, yes Lotus, 100%………..


    • Seriously!

      Also, the evil so-called “news” article said that the mystery witness said that Rain visited Vegas “about three times” from 2006-2007.

      Why would this be a gambling problem anyway? People who have gambling problems would certainly visit Vegas more than that, don’t you think?

      Wow. These crazies need to get a life.

      Terri :-}


  8. Jung JiHoon/RAIN has my support 100%, I will always be by his side.


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