Adieu2010 with Rain: What does that really mean?

[ETA: We have an update on this story HERE.  Thanks, all.  ^@@^]

[Cloud USA] Hopefully something has simply been lost in the translation again (which can happen quite a bit when the English and Korean languages share the same space… it just can’t be helped).  Adieu2010 with Rain… what does that really mean?

Yes, yes, I see that all across the Internet the stories are saying that J.Tune is confirming by advertising these shows that Rain is saying goodbye to his fans before going away to the military, and that this is his last hoorah until he’s a civilian again in two years (the SAME thing that the media said about the Intensity show in Manila, in fact)… but that’s not how I took it at all.

Honestly, when I first saw the wording “Adieu2010 with Rain”… with “adieu” being French for goodbye, and the shows occurring on the last day of the year (one of them, mind you, on December 31 at 30 minutes before midnight), I thought to myself, Oh, he’s ushering out the old year 2010 and ringing in the new year with a concert.  Like a countdown.  Which makes perfect sense seeing as JiHoon has worked or performed during the Christmas and New Year holidays for many years.  Oh, I thought, Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011, a la Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve and all that other stuff the world over.  Makes sense to me.

At this point, my original thought still makes more sense to me.  It’s November, and The Fugitive: Plan B episodes are still being shot.  Rain announced out of his own mouth at the Fugitive press conference in Seoul, in September, that he’ll be doing a fighter jet movie after the drama is done.  There still needs to be time for that whole thing to be filmed, right?  And a month isn’t going to cut it.

I could be totally off base here, things could have changed, plans could have fallen through, and all the current write-ups could be right.  But I want to make sure of that before we plaster all over Cloud USA that Rain is saying goodbye to everybody.  I only see J.Tune announcing an upcoming concert at the end of the year… come and say Goodbye to 2010 WITH Rain.  I don’t see a CLEAR statement that “Rain is saying farewell for now.”  Please see the notice from Rain’s Official Website, as shown below.

Like I said, translation can be tricky.  I’ve put out feelers overseas for info.  I’ll let you know what the deal is either way, and I hope some of you can make it to the show.

» The actual notices on Rain’s official site are HERE.

» The official show poster and announcement on KNT Japan is HERE.

— Stephe


(English translations by rain bird @rain-eu.)

[Nov-04-2010] <notice from rain-jihoon> Regarding the opening of ticket sales for ‘ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN’ concert in Korea.

Hello, this is J.Tune Camp.

It is decided that ‘Adieu 2010 with Rain’ concert shall be held in Korea.

Please refer to the guidelines below.

– Regarding the opening of ticket sales for ‘ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN’ concert in Korea –

Tickets for ‘ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN’ concert will be on sale at 8:00 pm, on Thursday, November 11th, 2010, through INTERPARK.

1.The information about the concert.

The title of the concert : ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN

– Location : Jamshil Gymnasium (Seoul Olympic Stadium )

– Date : December 31st, 2010 (Friday) /  2 shows a day.

The 1st show : 06:00pm / the 2nd show : 11:30 pm

– Ticket price : Standing seat : 165,000 KRW (around $ 149.19)

R seat : 165,000 KRW

S seat : 110,000 KRW

A seat : 66,000 KRW (including VAT)

The host : J.Tune Camp

The supervisor : Cover Entertainment, Asia Bridge Contents.

* Fan clun members are asked to refer to the link below.

[Nov-04-2010] <notice from rain-cloud> How to apply for ‘ADIEU! 2010 with RAIN’ concert tickets.

Hello, we are the 7th executive.

Only Standing B seats in the front of the stage are allotted to our fan club, so you have to purchase tickets individually for other seats.

The ticket sales are open to the public through INTERPARK on November 11th.

무대 : stage

팬클럽 스탠딩 B : Standing seats B for fan club

스탠딩 A, C : Standing seats A, C,

* The period of application to attend the concert :

From November 6th (Saturday) until Wednesday morning of November 10th.

* The deadline for paying the ticket :

From November 11th (Thursday) until November 17th (Wednesday)

*Ticket price : 165,000 KRW (around $ 149.19)

– The application will be canceled if the ticket isn’t paid by the designated date.

* How to apply :

The application through email, on a first-come, first-served basis, will be progressed from 10:00pm until 11:00pm, on Saturday, November 6th.

: -The application for ‘the 1st show at 06:00pm’ will be progressed at 10:00 pm on Saturday, November 6th

-The application for ‘the 2nd show at 11:30pm’ will be progressed at 11:00pm, on Saturday, November 6th.

(That is, we’ll accept 2 applications individually, each at different times and emails)

–The application is possible if the most applicants number 4 in all (3 companions apart from you)

– It’s impossible to submit a duplicate application.

-The application is approved by fan club members only regardless of nationality.

Further details about email address will be released soon.

If you have any further questions, please write a comment. (through rain-cloud )

~ by Cloud USA on November 4, 2010.

11 Responses to “Adieu2010 with Rain: What does that really mean?”

  1. oh thank God that Jihoon is not going to the military. I’m so so happy he is not.


  2. I think that yes, is better for him to do a concert in Korea. It’s Christmas after all, Rain needs to be with friends and family. I hope is not the last concert coz is gonna be hard for all his fans. I read in the Peru fan site that he is going to the military before his birthday soo, if that info is true, then maybe he can do another concert. Let’s see what happen. Sigh


  3. I so wanna go there. The last day to pay is on the 17th which is perfect! I get paid on that day!


  4. That’s what I understood when I saw this announcement, Stephe. Isn’t it just simple? say goodbye to 2010 and hello to New Year 2011 with Rain,(only if I could) like we all do on New Year Eve. Why are they trying to make it related with army thing for next year? Who knows, Rain could have another suprise concert for us next year?! And it really doesn’t matter to us, because Rain is always in our hearts and after 2 years when he returns, he will have the greatest time of his life! love u, Rain! more than ever! ^ ___ ~ +


  5. I totally agree with what you just said Stephe, JiHoon needs a sercurity blanket around him now and not more to add to what’s goings on, and if he would do a concert anywhere but Korea now they would crucify him. 😦


  6. That’s a good observation, glen… about the “it is decided… being held in Korea.” You may have something there.

    And it’s probably best right now that he do that concert at home rather than abroad.

    We feel like chopped liver, but at the same time, we can’t blame him at all. Times are tough for him in Korea right now, and he needs to be there, at home with his closest family and friends for support.

    Stephe ^@@^


    • There has already been grumbling about the MAMA being in Macau. And that awful jerk in L.A. has probably made the U.S. not very appealing at the moment to Rain….and for sure he better not go anywhere near Vegas, Reno,, Indian Reservations ^ ^

      Korea is home and, I agree, there is no place like home 🙂


  7. I read headlines & “news” from, ahem, a place online first and it was stating that JTune & Rain’s official site had put out a notice that Rain was having a concert before leaving for his service. That was when I read the English translation and read it again & scanned it one more time because I just was not seeing anywhere at all where either JTune or Rain’s official site said what was being attributed to them by that “news” site.

    Looking at it yet again here on your site I am still not convinced that the conclusion would be that this is the last concert for 2 years. What I do see is that it is the last in 2010. And the wording “It is decided that ‘Adieu 2010 with Rain’ concert shall be held in Korea.” makes me wonder if the idea of having it outside of Korea was batted around some…like maybe they considered Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve or something…but decided it would be best keeping it at home.

    A cautious approach is always the best approach! Good call Cloud USA 🙂


  8. Great way to bring in the new year,can’t wait to see the fancams from it I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome.


  9. Gosh, thanks for speaking up, Diva. I’ve been completely perplexed, not to mention amazed that no one across the Internet questioned this. I mean, December 31 at 30 minutes to midnight??

    And NO WHERE on J.Tune’s notice does it say “goodbye to the fans.” But just look at all the headlines and cutting and pasting. Wow.

    I could be completely wrong, and I’ll admit that if I am. But I had to at least dig deeper so everyone would know for sure.

    Stephe ^@@^


  10. I felt the same way when I read it, Stephe. It seemed more like an ushering the new year in sort of thing. I guess we shall learn more soon. 🙂


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