Finally the proof of Rain’s MTV Badassery has arrived in South Korea.

And I could make a terribly bad joke here about someone giving new meaning to the phrase “as slow as Christmas”… but, at the same time, I can understand that the statuette shop probably had a lot more of them to personalize as well, and besides, I’m sure Rain is crazy-thrilled to get it no matter how long it took.


So, enjoy your Golden Popcorn, JiHoon, while we all reflect fondly on that hectic and unbearably exciting night.

(We had voted ourselves into a stupor for months, the voting was over, and all we could do was » breathlessly cover the MTV Movie Awards with our members in our Forum and pray that the baddest dude on the planet didn’t get cheated out of his title.  I swear, I think we all would have taken to the streets or something if Jaden Smith hadn’t said RAIN.  It would not have been pretty!  LOL)

— Stephe ^@@^


At last, Rain’s eagerly awaited 2010 MTV Movie Award Popcorn Trophy arrives.

Credit to: Manager blog on Japan’s mobile site ‘au’, on October 28th

Re-post : minamikun @ fanrain

English translation: rain bird @ rain-eu.

Hello, long time no see.. I’m sorry I haven’t brought you tidings of Rain for so long..

At last, the package that contains Rain’s eagerly awaited 2010 Movie Award Popcorn Trophy arrived a few days ago.

The trophy engraved even with his name ‘Rain’, ought to do him proud.

He was very pleased at the trophy and directly took it home with him by saying, “It’s more pretty weighted towards me than I thought.”

(Luckily, I snatched a picture of the trophy) Now I release the picture for you.

~ by Cloud USA on November 3, 2010.

9 Responses to “Finally the proof of Rain’s MTV Badassery has arrived in South Korea.”

  1. WOW! Way to go Jihoon oppa.


  2. once of all all for once rain WELL DERSVED BABY !!


  3. yes rain u deserve everything God has given u! congrats babe. the first time i saw u regularly after watching ninja assassin was u acepting your award. i then researched u on utube and from then on have been in love with u. im sooooo happy i found u!!!!


  4. Well deserved and glad he finally got it, I hope this brings him much happiness right now! ^.^
    Kinchi Fighting!


  5. LOL, Stephe…you are right I would have totally taken it to the streets if Rain hadn’t won. My neighbors would have looked at me like I was crazy but I would have said..” Whatcha looking at, you wanna start sumthin, huh do ya, do ya?”

    I am glad to see that he finally got it, better late than never I guess. It’s great to his name engraved on a trophy though isn’t? 😀


  6. wohooo!!!…finally!!!…at long last!!!… 😉


  7. Well deserved Baby!


  8. Congrats Rain, you deserved it baby not only for your great effort doing all those months of training and awful food but also for the awesome actor you are. NA was my door to meet you and I will never forget it. It’s a great movie, no matter what critics said. You are THE BADASS coz you have the true spirit of a warrior and nobody can dispute that. Keep going baby coz your Clouds are behind you to support you and fight for you. Muah!!!


  9. Dear Ji Hoon Guess you must have been holding on to your MTV pop-corn Award to sleepall this time 8SIGH*
    Congrats once again. Congrats also for all your many-faceted expressions in NINJ ASSASSIN RAZIO !!
    this movie JUST BLOW ME AWAY eveytime i watch NA and your ENGLISH just melting me yes rain your are and BIGGEST BA DASS afterall bravoooo !!
    Plan B already in action with only a third thru your Kdrama~WOW!
    to me it so villainess, but an extremely amazing and excited of every epi trus me i am crazy watching FUGITIVE !!
    rain u not just a MEGASTAR but, also a MAJOR ACTOR INDEED … u give alot strenght to this drama and yet hurt a bit but the point is u imspire me more and more is anybody artis or actor like u pursuit like this I DON”T THINK SO!!
    Your SUCCESS is Cloud & Fans rain they love u more for that effort and Hedonistic person to your goal and sucssful !!
    and me envy u for everything u give us breath and enjoy!!


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