[ads] Nikon: Rain Reality.

In a subway station, Rain is a 3100… BbaekGa is a 7000.  Yosh… Nikon. 🙂  — ^@@^  (image: DC Rain Gallery)


Fresh D3100 pics, with our man.  Am digging the hair, for real… 🙂   (images: Adelaide Napitupulu/ source site: rain-cloud)

~ by Cloud USA on November 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “[ads] Nikon: Rain Reality.”

  1. Super cute! I love his hair here too. Once again, I’ll say that whoever does his hair does an excellent job with the highlights and lowlights and just making it look fried, died and layed to the side.
    Love it.


  2. This was during the height of his “TANdom” only one word comes to mind…….fornication!!…(Can I say that?)……GAWD!!!!!


  3. beathtaking so handsome here my i am
    death just death rain !! @__@
    man this guy can SALE ANYTHINGS!! gosh love his look here alot the camera sure love rain so much reder he delight us or drop gergous rain just EXTREMLY THE MAN !!i called head of line dran you u rain your killer smiler killing me here hahah 🙂


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