[Added: DramaFever! & Cloud Japan] Wallpaper! Get your November wallpaper!

In celebration of Rain behind the scenes, working so very hard to give us a Fugitive: Plan B to be proud of. ♥  And in celebration of the Men and the Women behind the Man whenever he takes the stage and holds his audience in awe. ♥ ♥

Lotte Duty Free for November is up as well (see below).  If others become available as the month goes on, we’ll be sure to place them here.

Please do enjoy, fans.  Right-click on them and save to your computer for later or immediately set as your current wallpaper—whichever tickles your fancy.

— Stephe ^@@^

*Edited to Add 11/3:  DramaFever.com… (300 x 225)


(1280 x 1024)

(1024 x 768)

(800 x 600)


Lotte Duty Free Korea, and Japan.  Go to these download sites for additional sizes.

(1024 x 768)


Nature Republic.  Non-dated wallpaper only.


J. Tune Camp Rain Japan.  From the official Japanese Cloud.

~ by Cloud USA on November 1, 2010.

5 Responses to “[Added: DramaFever! & Cloud Japan] Wallpaper! Get your November wallpaper!”

  1. thank you for the wallpaper ladies.


  2. @stephe
    i love this alot thank u i post on my blog u very got good task MUCK!! <33333333333


  3. how to get one.


  4. I truly love looking at this beautiful man. On one of my posts I had on my FB I called him a human work of art! And he truly is!


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