RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 39.

Asia broadcast 10/30.

We continue straight from last week, with Rain camming the fans and having some fun.  “Konichiwah… haha!”  He sweetly makes note of where some of them are from, and then starts to self-cam because, quite frankly, the JiHoon hair needs fixing and it has a reputation to uphold.  LOL

(This one fan is simply out of control and won’t stop jumping no matter how many times the camera comes around… which tickles the crap out of Rain and everybody else… LMAO  Did he ask why did she stop at one point, or did he ask her to come up, and bring her up on stage?  Haha!)

Awwww… and it’s “My Girl” time.  How wonderful.  Any waves of jealousy I might harbor are washed away by the utter CUTENESS of Rain and “his girl” of the night.  *giggle, smile, giggle* And she looks like she’s about to pass out.  Of course.  “I love you,” he says.  They make a heart together. 😀 Awww.

Darn it, my eyes are all weepy!  One thing about JiHoon… he really knows how to get ya right there, in the ♥.

So then… Scene change!  He helps “his girl” off stage, and then smoothly transitions into “Love Is.”  Listen to that voice.  (yeah, all you haters, lip-syncing my @ss, ain’t none here, a’ight?)

Okay, you all, tell the truth: would you be able to bear having Rain sitting right there singing in your face without dropping to the floor or embarrassing yourself?  Would you?  (I plead The Fifth, on the grounds that  I might incriminate myself.  ROFL)

*scream* In my bed!  In my BED!  OMG!  I mean the next song is “In My Bed.”  *scream*  *die* (I still can’t believe that pretend heifer did that to him, replaced his character in her bed with somebody else.  Dang, honey, you done lost your mind, he’s RAIN)

Well, fans, we’ve made it through another one.  Wow.  I can’t wait until next week.  No jive.  What a great season.

— Stephe ^@@^

(source: teamjihoon625 / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on October 31, 2010.

8 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 39.”

  1. That was so touching I’m sure he made her feel really special that night. He is such a sweetie!


    • That was so touching I’m sure he made her feel really special that night.
      He is such a sweetie!

      I’m posting this again because the avatar in the corner cut off my last word 🙂


  2. lord rain 😎
    he so ROFL …. 🙂
    he wiping out his sweat and then plting around trying to wipe of his armpip ahahah i bushing out laughthing here 🙂
    rain such a drop gergous watching fresh himself up on thoes stage
    rain beushing his HAIR !! me took me my hand just for you rain !!
    oh rain tooking a pict i would love to be then he chooce it awaw i migh stop and nam like no word to say but just to heart his words ahah crazy i might scream then .
    Lol…. babe gril so sweet he pict moma for it rain very smart instead chooe his age maybe he chooes ladie to be fair enought i like it rain making my heart touch again this so awesome !!

    awawaw i wish i can be the one he called for my gril wooot !!
    then what my body well be zoombie afterall he hello drop death then ahahha …i am going more speecchhlessss seting next to him then my fever will run hot and fanit ahahh lord rain i wantee to goe to rain concert again with VIP pass i could not pass it away by suching ardorable rain get!
    and the ladie wa so excited she could stop spazzing over rain ahahh i would be too !OK !! when he sweat diferenly jucy his skin look more yummy then anything ofcurse it my feed for that ekekek
    ahahah i heard rain sing IN MY BED for a while it sexy when i listing to that man i would love to heard when my honey moon up ahahah !!


  3. OMG ! His charisma can moves mountain !
    Unconsciously, tears welled up in my eyes when he led the girl up the stairs and started singing to her .. he’s such a gentle and beautiful soul ..
    He doesn’t really need to dance his ass off, just standing there, singing in that signatory husky voice of his is enough for him to command the stage and hypnotizing the audiences.. I can stare and stare and stare at him for ages…..OMG!!!


  4. Oh my Gosh!!!! I am blushing already and it’s not me the one sitting there!!! ROFL!! I really don’t know what would I do; I guess I would try to enjoy beeing with him and make a picture of that moment in my mind so it would last me forever. Sigh Then I would try to give him a hug and if I can do it, touch THE HAIR. I know my legs would be rubberish and I would be trembling all over. Probably would giggle like an idiot and maybe I will pass out after beeing near the sexiest man alive. Yeah, that last part I know would be like that. LOL What I really want is that when Rain comes to the US he don’t change the show, at least those parts where he talks with the audience and this part. It’s what makes him adorable and sweet. No other performer in the US do that kind of thing and Rain’s charming personality and sexy attitude is what I love about him. Baby Rain, come to the US, show us your swagga, move those hips and don’t change your sweet adorable self. Mua!!!


  5. hahahahahahahaha LOVED IT, so sweet.


  6. That was awesome and it was so funny how she kept jumping. LOL! I don’t know what I would have done on stage with him……tried my best not to touch or stare at those lips and be all over him! He really does make a woman giggle like a teenager and it’s just so funny to hear myself giggling….ME!!!! LOL I can only imagine what it would be like in person. *sigh* I love him.


  7. Awwwww.

    Such a great episode! I love My Girl. Such a sweet song. That Cloud was out of control, wasn’t she? LOL.

    I so love these Rainy Days. I do wish they were English-subbed, but hey, I’ll take what I can get.

    Terri :-}


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