[U.S. Alert] Rain & The Fugitive: Plan B Begin to Hit U.S. News Outlets!

Rain as "Ji-Woo" in The Fugitive: Plan B


Hello Lovely Clouds!

I was delighted when I actually discovered some good news in my in-box this morning.  Rain and The Fugitive: Plan B are beginning to get some notice here in the U.S. from our news outlets, due to a recent press release from Dramafever.com that had this to say about the K-drama:



Named MTV’s Biggest Badass, Stephen Colbert’s Arch Nemesis, Time’s Most Influential and People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person, International Movie Star Stars in Stylish New Action-Suspense Thriller Series “RUNAWAY: PLAN B”

RUNAWAY: PLAN B starring Rain

Quote start“DramaFever is excited to bring Rain back to his US fans in this sexy, stylish new show, which is a cross between ‘24’ and a modern ‘Indiana Jones’ treasure hunt adventure” said Suk Park, co-founder of DramaFever.com.Quote end

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 28, 2010

DramaFever releases the U.S. digital premiere of a brand news action-suspense thriller television series direct from Korea, starring internationally renown actor and pop star, Rain. The sexy, stylish new series “RUNAWAY: PLAN B,” follows the adventures of a handsome James Bond-esque private investigator, played by Rain. He is accompanied by an international cast of characters in a global chase for a fortune in stolen gold. The series marks the first TV series by the critically-acclaimed actor and his first major project since his starring turn in the 2009 worldwide blockbuster hit “Ninja Assassin,” which earned Rain the MTV Movie Award for Biggest Badass and further US notoriety as Stephen Colbert’s proclaimed arch nemesis.

Streaming to American audiences in high-quality with English subtitles, RUNAWAY: PLAN B is now available for free on DramaFever.com, the leading video website for mainstream audiences interested in direct-from-Asia entertainment. DramaFever.com is the only web site where Americans can legally view the brand new series for free which debuted the first episodes in S. Korea to hit ratings recently. Viewers will be able to catch new episodes soon after they air on South Korea’s leading television network KBS. DramaFever will soon also release RUNAWAY: PLAN B episodes to millions of viewers on its network page on partner site Hulu.com.

Direct Link: http://www.dramafever.com/drama/792/Runaway:_Plan_B/

“DramaFever is excited to bring Rain back to his US fans in this sexy, stylish new show, which is a cross between ‘24’ and a modern ‘Indiana Jones’ treasure hunt adventure” said Suk Park, co-founder of DramaFever.com. “Based on the buzz from our recent Comic Con 2010 panel, people are excited about the new content coming direct from Asia, which online viewing is making it easier to find and discover.”

Viewers can watch RUNAWAY: PLAN B and hundreds of other shows online for free on DramaFever.com or purchase a premium subscription at $4.99 per month for uninterrupted advertising-free programming, access to exclusive content and other advanced features. Future plans will make it more convenient to watch DramaFever content across mobile and Web TV platforms. As of August 2010, DramaFever retains the online distribution rights to the largest digital library of Korean entertainment in North America, including suspense thrillers, historical dramas, romantic comedies, music variety shows and documentaries. The site will soon also carry extensive primetime TV shows from Japan, the Philippines, and China.

RUNAWAY: PLAN B follows an international cast on a frantic chase around the world for a fortune in gold stolen 60 years ago during the Korean War. Rain stars as Ji Woo, Asia’s top private investigator, who is approached by a mysterious woman named Jin Yi (played by Lee Na Young). Her unknown motives are only made more complicated by the romance that grows between them. Uehara Takako of Japan’s most successful selling J-pop girl group Speed, plays Kieko, a singer who becomes romantically interested in Ji Woo. Long time Japanese actor Takenaka Naoto plays her father Hiroki, who’s outward appearance as a businessman hides that he is if in fact a powerful yakuza. American actor Daniel Henney (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) stars as Kai, whose past with Jin Yi may unravel it all.


Critically acclaimed the world over, South Korea’s most popular movie star and pop singer Rain has found millions of screaming fans in the United States. As “Taejo Togokahn” in the blockbuster movie “Speed Racer”, Rain caught the attention of the Wachowski Brothers (“Matrix Trilogy”), who cast Rain in the lead role for “Ninja Assassin,” directed by James McTeigue (“V for Vendetta”). One of America’s newest pop icons, Rain ranked among People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful People and Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People Who Shape Our World in 2009. He popularity spread further when Stephen Colbert repeatedly challenged Rain to appear on Comedy Central’s “Colbert Report” for a dance-off. RUNAWAY: PLAN B marks Rain’s return to Korean primetime, joined by an international cast.

American born Daniel Henney became a household name in South Korean after his role in the hit TV series “My Lovely Sam Soon”. His American work includes the role of Agent Zero in the feature film “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and Dr. David Lee in the CBS television drama “Three Rivers”. Daniel Henney returns to South Korea television for RUNAWAY: PLAN B as Kai, a romantic competitor opposite Rain’s Ji Woo.

Lee Na Young is one of South Korea’s most popular up-and-coming actresses. She first made a name for herself as the star in the critically acclaimed mini-series “Ruler of Your Own World”. Her performance in the feature film “Someone Special” earned her Best Actress at the 25th Blue Dragon Film Awards. She plays Jin Yi, a mysterious woman and romantic interest of Rain in the new actions series RUNAWAY: PLAN B.

Uehara Takako is an actress, solo singer and member of the Japanese pop group Speed, with sales of over 20 million singles and albums within four years. Uehara has acted in over a dozen Japanese TV series. RUNAWAY: PLAN B marks her first role in a South Korean TV series.

Naoto Takenaka is a popular Japanese actor, comedian, singer, and director. The past 10 years, Naoto has acted in two dozen TV series, and won the Japanese Academy Prize for Best Supporting Actor three times.

DramaFever is the largest online provider of Korean TV dramas and a leading distributor of Asian entertainment in North America. The company licenses content from major Asian media companies and distribute them in high quality with English subtitles via DramaFever.com as well as syndication partners such as hulu.com. DramaFever’s content partners include KBS, MBC, SBS, FUNimation, Asahi TV, ABS-CBN, Joyplex, Group Eight, ISplus, JS Pictures, and many others. To learn more, visit http://www.DramaFever.com.  (Source: http://www.prweb.com/release #4708394.)


So far only the San Francisco Chronicle has picked up the release HERE, but you can bet it won’t be long before others join in, because, well, that’s what news sources do.  And believe it or not, Rain, MTV’s Biggest, Badass Star is STILL hot news over here.

As Rain would say, we are “so excited!”

The only thing that might confuse some U.S. fans is why people are using two titles for this drama.  Dramafever.com is calling it Runaway: Plan B, while KBS America, itself, calls it The Fugitive: Plan B.   Yes, I KNOW there are nuances of the word “Domangja” that make some people want to call it “Runaway,” but frankly, after watching 9 episodes of this drama, I can tell you that in English, the word “fugitive” is the better fit for what is happening with Rain’s character, Ji-Woo.

But hey, who really cares?  I’m certainly not that picky.  As long as Rain’s starring in it, I’m good.  Still, from a public relations/marketing perspective, it sure would be nice if somebody somewhere would make sure that EVERYBODY was using the same darned name, at least.  Sheesh!

Have a great day, Clouds.  And don’t forget to watch the 10th episode of The Fugitive: Plan B today!

—Terri @cloudusa.wordpress.com :-}

~ by Cloud USA on October 28, 2010.

49 Responses to “[U.S. Alert] Rain & The Fugitive: Plan B Begin to Hit U.S. News Outlets!”

  1. I think that is great. U go Rain.


  2. And you can’t have him BACK!!! FINDERS KEEPERS Hahhaha 🙂


  3. @ALL
    i totally agree
    hee in US if you a star like this and CURSE!!
    they even enjoy and love the story line even it making them more entertainment and love it here actually it popluar in US dram is their something wroong in korean are they are into that old styless common now!1 it 21 CENTRY HELLO))))))))))))))))))
    i could belive they not just praise rain or what ever he do in that country but even put him down let he was even their so you know what sent this is what hit all your korean then i guess it about time for rain to come to US and word his celebarties and popluation here more plus rain very a good actor and business man and yet very sexy model what esle rain could do here in US plus they pay him more for ect… korean suck then what rain get pay it not enought for his whast he did for them the more important is they never see anything thing come from rain even though they said hello in fornnt rain face but what behind smash him down i hate peoples treat rain like unknown person beside i fell so Ashame for koren that they treat rain like this
    and everything little thing come from rain mouth or anything they start to trash him like crazy that why koren have so much nagtive thing going alot i fell so sorry for u peoples their if i just wish rain either come to US or move to Japoan at lease Japan would not i said treat rain like this they even goes extra mile distance to suport him reder concert ot filming they their for rain and i even remeber when they a flus effect they don”t care they even goes to see rain and suporting him as well that how loyal japn then korean are !!


  4. I second the nomination to bring Rain to the U.S.! Lol…
    When was he supposed to have actually cursed? I’m confused. I heard when the detective hilariously said motherf-er, which had me cracking up. What did Rain say? So far all I’ve heard is aish. It seems like everything Rain does these days gets crapped on. Wtf?


  5. I’m so waiting on him! 🙂


  6. I’m SO WITH YOU TERRI! Bring baby over here to the U.S.,WE are NOT THIS NOBISH!!!!!!! I just don’t get them they should be so totally proud of him?


    • No kidding, Lotus,

      Oh if we only had a star like this in the U.S.A. Wait…what am I saying…we ARE going to have a star like this someday…

      …his name is RAIN.

      Terri :-}


  7. Good grief.

    What’s this? Is someone actually saying that people in Korea aren’t watching Fugitive because some of the characters had the audacity to CURSE. Are you SERIOUS?

    Oh. My. Goodness. How bizarre and how completely HYPOCRITICAL.

    Ji-Woo is being framed and sent to the hoosegow to possibly face a DEATH SENTENCE. After great effort, he manages to escape from the bumbling detectives who are crazed are HORRIFIED that he has escaped in the first place. Is it completely unrealistic that someone cursed now and again?

    COME ON Korea. Doesn’t this drama come on at 10 p.m. over there? Whose watching this thing anyway? I mean, surely not your CHILDREN who should be SLEEPING at that hour.

    Please. The cursing I heard was mild by any country’s means. I heard an aish here and there. Maybe there were a couple more mild curses, but they certainly weren’t shocking by any means.

    One curse that I DID notice was one of the detectives at an airport who was on the phone and tried to say Motherf**ker in English. The problem was his pronunciation was SO TERRIBLE that it came out as motherfuGGerAh and was actually hysterical.

    You know what? This whole argument is so stupid that I’m not going to involve myself any further in it.

    All I have to say is if Korea doesn’t want Rain anymore, we’ll be DELIGHTED to take him. Rain, what you need to do is call William Morris and tell them you need more work here in the U.S. Quick!


    Terri :-}


  8. @all & stephe
    is any of u heard a bad new about FUGITIVE

    Actress ‘Yun Son Ha’ had a broken leg in a traffic accident on the 30th.
    She had an accident as her car crashed into the guardrail on a city expressway on her way home at around 5:00am on the day after filming KBS 2TV’s drama series ‘The Fugitive Plan B’.
    ‘Yun Son Ha’ who was asleep in the back seat, whose right leg fractured in that accident. So she is having an operation on the morning of the 31st.
    According to her agent, “This is a medical emergency requiring prompt surgical treatment. She has to go to the hospital for at least a week after the operation. It’s fortunate that she wasn’t injured on other parts of her body including her face.”
    As a result, her accident comes to force the drama shoot not to move forward as planned so its 11th episode that will be aired on the 3rd of next month, isn’t able to be completed on schedule.

    She has made her comeback on the drama in 3 years to play a character called Mijin who is on the track of Jinny (Lee Na Young), the main character in the drama.
    Her agent expressed, “She has been outgoing and aggressive since she gave birth to a baby. Unfortunately, the accident has caused a setback in her schedule. Only hope the operation will be completed successfully.”

    credit to Yonhap news http://kr.news.yahoo.com/service/news/shellview.htm?articleid=2010103014400494801&linkid=63&newssetid=487&from=rank

    Brief translation by rain bird.

    oh NOoooooooooooooo!!!
    she very sweet person i read that news of her yesterday i was shock !!
    i hope she sucessfuly recover.
    i like her character she is good actress as well she maybe bad but in fugitive it suit her character so good she is very good actress PLEASE get well soon we all care for u !!
    and the FUGITIVE have called on the nov 3th did any hear this??


  9. Thank God we have clouds everywhere I never heard of this. But last night I joined and left my comments I guess I’m back at the beginning. Cause it ain’t going down like that!!!! HATERS BEWARE!!!!!! RAIN CREW COMING THROUGH!


  10. @kongsao…i believe the ratings (# of stars), increase according to the way viewers there grade the drama (1 star to 5 stars). that’s what i think.


  11. @ busybee
    I do remember seeing that and thinking that was some crazy mess!
    Sounds pretty hypocritical to me.

    I went to Dramafever.net and there are some Rain haters there. I left a good comment and will continue to do so. We should flood that site with great comments about Rain.


  12. @busybee1982
    i already leave dramafever.com
    a feeback how FUGITIVE going and asking to know how much i am so much fall for this drama beside i even ask them for a good rating if that can help even though it not up to them but at lease my words pass on to them and hopefully they understand how i felt along watching this fugitive od rain and get more praise and rating up !1


  13. @BusyBee Hahahahaha!


  14. @lotus “those RUNNING FEET” crackin me up!!


  15. wait a minute ladies, let me see if anyone remembers this one.
    a year or so ago, the politicians in Korea were having their debate about some law or other (in a forum we call Congressional hearings). the opposing side got angry cause they lost a vote or something like that, next thing you know those folks were literally fighting. i mean they were jumping over each other to get to who they wanted hit. (does anyone remember seeing this)…it showed on tv news stations all over. my point is this, i know darn well some serious cussing was going on and that’s a place where it definitely should not have happened. so please Korea, get a grip and zip it. on another note, we need reviews and ratings at DramaFever for Fugitive. there are several put downs posted there that seem to be Rain haters. so if you have time please lend a hand. just thought i’d share.


    • @busybee1982,

      Funny you should mention this. I absolutely remember seeing that on the news. To be honest, at the time I thought it was funny as sh__t! Didn’t realize it was Korea….OH MY! Now, I feel like “really, people and actors aren’t allowed to say one cuss word, please!”

      Heck, our own politicians seem to be getting to that level almost (but that’s another argument for another day).

      Look cussing/cursing happens EVERYDAY of the week all across the world, so get the hell over it. For those who don’t want this series to succeed, Rain now has the BONAFIDE option of working over here in the U.S. if he wants to now. He is choosing to remain loyal to his countrymen, by working mainly in his home country. However, some U.S. celebrities have choosen at different points in their careers to work overseas exclusively. Singer Anastasia is an American, but she works exclusively in the U.K., as her music was never played on U.S. radio. She was too soulful for this “teeny bop” music (my opinion) that gets played on the radio here, so she went to where her music was appreciated. Singer Kelly Rowland, formerly of Destiny’s Child had been trying for a while to make a go of a solo career here in the U.S. She had a couple of hits, but she has now decided to work exclusively in the U.K. as well and is having more success over there as a solo artist, than here. JiHoon could do that in reverse. I admire his loyalty, but sometimes Baby, you have to “let family go” and say…..”it’s been real, but I “GOTS TA” GO……Deuces!”

      Come over here to us Baby, at least at CloudUSA we will welcome you with open arms!!


  16. Hey guys, It sounds like our JiHoon’s breaking all kinds of grounds! Seriously they don’t cuss on t.v. There? Wow, Here in the states the more they talk the better for your career but then again Korea’s censorship must be still in our old 60’s generation? Hahahahaha! Well looks like they just got a major jump to the 21 century. Hahahahaha Good for you JiHoon for bringing your country forward. MUAH SWEET FRIEND!!! Hahahaha!


  17. man seriouly this way off topic here peoples out their very need to SHUP THE *fu* up and should be more praise of rain filming this drama hey why just like
    marisara &busybee1982 said
    her my mind option !
    OMG these peoples very wanted to complain period have nothing to say act like they did say sich*
    to other outside their mouth plus i think it good to the story line even and i think that was so stupid and keep put fire on the hotline this redicious think i ever hear WELL EXCUSE ME !!
    u peoples probuly worse then u see in this drama plus so waht if rain slip this CUSS…..<– out from his it making it good i like it and i don"t even found it anyoed at all SO MY ADIVISE to u peoples JUST SHIUT UP!! and enjoy this drama and the drama alone it so good don"t even try to bring this FUGITIVE down over nonnsene cuss… OH MY LORD what crazy news today!! afterall watching it bam another rude across the ear pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……!!
    assssiiihhhhhh…………… what wrong with rain saying that words it not like he come in fromt your face and cuss the crap out u HELLO words don"t know you that??

    btw… 아이씨….뭐야(common girl saying) = Oh come on
    rain have use this word remeber epi 2 when rain & LJJ runing fight on the truch and he fell on the car and say “Aish !! remember that??
    it was mean it depends on the context and rain did not even CUSS *fU* ect… so seriouly korean peoples took every little small thing out to make big issue u know u just SLAP to crap out from them they act like theirself A.L.O.N.E. don"t cuss out of it innocent plase everybody are have hard time in their If you use it when you’re frustrated then it is a bad but rain was say stright forward anyone it all to himself korean make a controversy over in Korea is really mind boggling this differenly making mad coz what coz, Lee hyroi also use cuss word when Hyori’s video was pulled cause she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt so WHAT THE HECK with korean !!


  18. and guess what, there’s plenty to curse about in this drama. and Koreans know darn well that in their real life they curse, so it’s like come on with that fake attitude. yeah, (ADULT AUDIANCE, LATE NIGHT SHOWING) that’s the audience who do the cursing, ok.
    i don’t buy that puritan attitude cause even light weight dramas use “Shit”, in them (all the time). my advice is just cut it, ok?


  19. I’m so excited for him and the show! he truly is the fugitive here poor baby is always in deep do do, just can’t wait to see what happens next!. hahahahaha I just read all your statements now cause if I do it before I write what I want to say I forget!hahaha @busyBee that is a great idea! wonderful! and hey I’m dancing too doing a little running man over to the electic side HEY FEET DON’T FAIL ME NOW!!!!


  20. WOW, Rain’s countrymen are tripping about a couple of cuss words?! Well, they can’t watch ANY American TV or movies, because their hair would STAND STRAIGHT UP all the time…….(SMILES). I get it. I don’t think the entertainment industry should contribute to the delinquency of minors or people who don’t have a “strong constitution”, but REALLY, come on. Adults should be able to distinguish entertainment from reality and should not be swayed by a tv show. Besides, adults say cuss words at times, they yell, they drink booze, they have sex, they fart, they may even scratch their a__sses for good measure. That’s just the way the world works. You can’t be NAIVE about people and life. There is no completely PRISTINE society, I don’t care where you live.


    • Oh, plzzz I can believe that!!! What’s with these people?? In what world are they living?? People curse and say whatever @^%(&%$%^& @%& is on their mind specially if they are in pain or something bad is happening to them. Common!!! They are looking at the little speck and not seeing the big picture here. Rain and the cast of The Fugitive are making history with the series. Great actors of different contries are participating, having a good time doing their work and besides that, the series is giving Asia the opportunity to showcase their culture, their cities, attractions, cars, music, etc. to other people in the world. In top of that, people are getting jobs and are feeding their families. This series is giving Korea the opportunity to shine and what get’s me mad is that they are tarnishing the work of their own people. It baffles me. Seriously. In my house we always said that if you don’t have anything good to say about someone you better shut up. These people should do that. Shut the &^%* up.


  21. Yeah, Kongsao… I saw that! 😦

    I mean good grief, that’s why it airs AFTER 10 at night, people. For more mature audiences. I know I’m in a different country, and of a different mindset, but for pete’s sake…

    Is there anything they don’t complain about?

    Stephe ^@@^


  22. @stephe
    I AM CRAKING UP !! top thispeoples have no life but, to complian to much or what??

    Viewers complained about curse words that have appeared in the popular KBS drama.
    In the “Fugitive Plan B“ episode which aired on October 28th, there was an action scene whereRain had to fight a few detectives in order to escape.

    The problems were the curse words with the following phrases: “Ah XX”, “Ah XX”(words omitted)

    The words the detectives actually shouted weren’t censored in the episode. A writer of the drama explained,“According to the script, they shouldn’t say any cuss words”.

    Audiences commented:

    “I feel unhappy about that”

    “It wasn’t appropriate for public TV”

    “They should pay more attention during the editing process”.

    Are you annoyed by the occurrence of foul language in dramas?

    Source: Nate

    Credit: roryg2008@popseoul


  23. OMG!!
    this very a hit HOTLINE NEWS !! 🙂
    rain very bring this FUGITIVE down and most imporatant is they very love this drama toward US. and more imspire rain who star as detective jiwoo not to scare or bias on this draam they even give and suport and greet who rain world star who just rencenly recived NA MTV Award
    have making another drana series called FUGITIVE PLAN B make them more ezcited to see it threw i am so prouds it good new in US but sad new in Korean ais… !! why it award but, HEY hopw care as long we all here to suport rain and know the drama is so good that what it matter and i know belive rain very DERSEVED this drama award for next years as well.
    OH !!HALILUYA!! 🙂
    RAIN 😎
    WE ALL SO EXCITED TO HEAR THIS way goes jiwoo… !
    u got that righ and i hate to hear bad thing from rain of other peoples let knock them and show the power of rain clous is ahahah !! before the magaize on fire !!


  24. Yay on this! We should go to People.com and bother them about including Rain in an issue of their magazine again.

    :Ed Lover dancing also:
    :throws in some Humpty Dance for good measure:


  25. Yay on this! We should go to People.com and bother them about including Rain in an issue of their magazine again.


  26. this is super good news for me. i’m registered and watching. gonna say, this week-end i’m starting all over again from episode 1 on DramaFever, cause i want to comment on each and every episode. have to let KBS understand FULLY how awesome this drama is.


  27. it sucks that dramacrazy is nly available to the US and Canada. what about the english speaking Caribbean? we love Rain too!


  28. it sucks thst dramafever caters to only america and canada…what about the english speaking caribbean? there are clouds here too u know 😦


    • I am thinking that there are licensing and/or copyright issues involved, and that is why dramafever is currently limited to the US and Canada. I feel for you guys. Hopefully they are working on it and will be able to go worldwide at some point. Then again, do you guys get hulu.com? Dramafever says they have a network page over there where they are going to make the fugitive available, right? hulu’s everywhere isn’t it? I could be wrong, but it’s worth checking out, huh?


  29. Wo ho ho!!!!! Oh, my, oh my, I am so excited!!!! Gahhhhh!!!! Just watched episode 10 an is out of the park!!!! Lord, I was screaming in my office like crazy!!! Thank God I am the only one here coz if there were other people, they probably call the police on me. ROFL!!!! I don’t want to talk about it coz gonna spoil the fun but Clouds gotta see it asap!!!! this information about Dramafever is the cherry on the top of my day. Now, if just those magazines we are trying to reach out just check their Contact Us pages maybe, just maybe we finally would see Rain on their covers. If they put this iformation and the info we put in their Contact pages together maybe that dream will become a reality. Plzzz, plzzzz Lord make that happen so I can buy a magazine in english or better yet in spanish with Rain on its cover. That will be awesome indeed. 😀 *Dancing a happy dance in my office*


    • LOL, Mari,

      I know how you felt. I was stunned for about 45 minutes after the show this a.m. And I can’t wait to watch it with English Subs tomorrow (hopefully!!!).

      So dramatic and emotional. My GOODNESS. I’m SO excited at where this show is going…the writers are not pulling ANY punches and that’s the kind of writing I LOVE.

      Terri :-}


  30. hahhaa .. Im sure tryin to watch 10…just watched epi 9 ooooooOO a must see. oh no, they didnt mention “so excited” groan…can’t we just forget he ever sayd that. yeh and theres a couple websites that I watch the drama on, but maybe not legally, lolllsss. All clouds can pat themselves on the back for making him “most badass”


  31. *happy-dancing like some crazy fool*



    *finishing it up with the Ed Lover Dance*

    Stephe ^@@^


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