[Edited to add: Artist & Song of the Year] Rain and MBLAQ have eight 2010 MAMA nominations.

[*ETA #3, 10/29:  So.  This is the latest, fans.

Rain is nominated for 4 awards whereas MBLAQ is also for 4 awards, but YOU HAVE TO VOTE FOR ALL 19 CATEGORIES FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT.
*One vote per day per ID*  *Only use Internet Explorer*  *Everyone regardless of country should be able to vote.  Please check the comments in this post thread for helpful hints by fans who have made it in*

(Yes, Rain and the Boys are duking it out in two categories! Gah!)


●Best Male Solo Artist
●Best Solo Dance Performance
●Artist of the Year
●Song of the Year, for “Love Song”
(The Artist of the year repetition is a printed error on the English side, but Korean side shows it as the Song of the Year)

●Best Male Group
●Best Dance Performance by a Male Group
●Artist of the Year
●Song of the Year, for “Y”

Thanks for this tip, CloudyMJ.

Just a personal observation: It would really be nice if the CORRECT information was released by the Powers That Be from the get-go, so that everyone wasn’t scrambling around trying to find it.  Why am I not surprised that the English side was wrong?  Why are these things so carelessly done every time?  Good grief, get it together.  ^@@^]

[*ETA #2: We know for certain that fans across Asia are able to vote for the MAMAs.  What we’re not sure about right now is if World fans (those of us NOT in Asia) will be able to do so as well.

So far, some of us have managed to get registered and to vote without any problem, and some of us have received errors and failed.  Our advice is to give the MAMA website a try and see what happens for you.  As soon as we know something more concrete, we’ll let you know here.  Thanks, all…!  — ^@@^]

» The voting tutorial is HERE on Facebook.  (Thanks for the tip, hisangel…!)


[Cloud USA, amended] Word has come down that Rain and baby Boys MBLAQ have both been nominated for four 2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards a piece this year.  And the honor is well-deserved!  The nominations are as follows:

RAIN: The Male Singer Award, Best Song Performance/Solo for “Love Song”, Artist of the Year, and Song of the Year for “Love Song.”

MBLAQ: The Male Group Award, the Best Dance Performance/Male Group for “Y”, Artist of the Year, and Song of the Year for “Y.”

In addition to the coveted Daesang Awards for Singer, Song, and Album of the Year, the MAMA categories are Male Group, Female Group, Male Singer, Female Singer, Male Rookie, Female Rookie, Best Music Video Picture, Best Song Performance/Solo, Best Dance Performance/Male Group, Best Dance Performance/Female Group, Best Vocal Performance/Solo, Best Vocal Performance/Group, Best Band, Best Rap, Best Collaboration, Best Digital Single, and last but not least, the Shilla Duty Free Asian Wave Award.

» The MAMA website is now open for business HERE, and of course, music fans across the world can vote for the winners in all categories from today until November 21st.


» You can see the entire nominee list, and read briefly about the Mnet/SBS/MBC controversy (there’s one just about every year, usually) on the allkpop blog site HERE.

» The awards ceremony is scheduled for November 28 in Macao at the Venetian Hotel’s famous 15,000-seat Cotai Arena.  Having it out of South Korea for the first time and during a weekend rather than a usual weekday is causing major headaches for many artists and the broadcasting companies, and you can read about that HERE.  (Some artists simply may not be able to make it.)  Hopefully, if the MAMAs do make it to the U.S. in five years’ time, as projected, it will do so without such snags.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^


[*ETA #1: It appears that Rain also has a third nomination… Artist of the Year.  (Thanks for that tip, Glenda.)  I am wondering, though, why there are two Artist of the Year categories and what that means.  If this is not a glitch, the difference in the two categories needs to be specified in order for this to make sense, dear Mnet.  Stay tuned. — ^@@^

AMENDMENT 10/29: We now know one of the buttons should say SONG of the Year, not Artist.  *shaking my head in amazement at the carelessness*]

(cap: CloudyMJ)



~ by Cloud USA on October 28, 2010.

23 Responses to “[Edited to add: Artist & Song of the Year] Rain and MBLAQ have eight 2010 MAMA nominations.”

  1. For anyone having problems registering you can message me in the Rain CloudPH account on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cloudphilippines i am helping Clouds and A+ in registering 😛


  2. @busybee1982
    and i feltt just how u r and yes i am with you all the way i am ONLY vote for rain rain have such more STYLE HOT ENTERINER Crazy differnly it rain rain WOWO us with his defeaning stage and bring the HOUSE DOWN reder concert or performs he STOLE THE SHOW !!
    and i do fell ashame about how they have us vote all thoes cagtogies which rain SOLO to top ARTIs ARE !!
    to bad that they such unfair artis come aboord and have make select to top vote that killing my look of my SOLO rain dersved more then anybody here included NEWCOMER as well… !!
    i fell loss when ever the voter come across and have to choce it well for me i only vote for rain and rain is TRULY ARTIS SOLO SINGER he show and have everything in his deatail !1
    and yes it very unfair how other win this award not knowing their music that how i feel as for rain we know fron DAY FIRST to now common now!! rain been industry for how long 8 years he give all his sweat and blood to all his stage and perforamce singer, dancer, ect… this guy truly a singer that i have to stick for rain only and Mnet u differenly so unfair their i said it !!


  3. it’s a shame, i feel forced to vote for folks i have never listened to and don’t know about. i don’t like that. not to mention, i get Kpop music “On Demand” and i’m not the kind who likes group singing/dancing (can’t tell who’s who’s or who’s doing what and how). solo’s are my choice and for me even Boa and Se7en have changed. when i first focused on kpop it was Rain, Boa and Se7en. now it’s just Rain cause his style is different and crazy hot and exciting, from all Kpopers (my personal opinion). but back to topic….i don’t like having to vote for the others just to get my vote registered for Rain. no fair Mnet.


    • I have to agree with you there. I think it’s utterly ridiculous that other people will win in other categories all because a bunch of us voted for them even though we don’t know who they are or particularly like their music, all to vote for the person you DO like.

      Kind of makes the words “by popular vote” and being “selected by the fans” meaningless. It’s the just the weirdest thing ever.

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. right now rain best MALE SOLO 29.3%
    i hope rain can get more voting here of what i know rain is big that true but their alot new artis these day an i just hope that they are not avioding rain over newcomer and drop his voting so clouds we must keep rain & Mblaq up to the award here i am going to vote again tomorrow !!


  5. Hii all ^_^
    Just thought of leaving some info here which might help some of you ^ ^

    Rain is nominated for 4 awards whereas MBLAQ is also for 4 awards.

    **One vote per day per ID**


    ●Best Male Solo Artist
    ●Best Solo Dance Performance
    ●Artist of the year
    ●Song of the year
    (Artist of the year repetition is a printed error in the English article but Korean article shows it as the Song of the year ^ ^ )

    ●Best Male Group
    ●Best Dance Performance by a Male Group
    ●Artist of the year
    ●Song of the year

    So both MBLAQ and Rain are fighting against each other in that later 2 categories ( Artist of the year & Song of the year)

    To what I have experienced all the nationalities could reg at Mnet and vote for MAMA.

    ★Use IE for all purposes.
    ★In the registration process if your country is not in that drop down menu, select any country there as yours.
    ★Look for your authentication no in your Spam Folder.
    ★**One vote per day per ID- If you’re getting an error msg it’s because you have voted in the last 24hrs ^ ^

    Normally in Mnet Countdown voting the winners will be decided based on the cumulative of all 4 followings .

    1. ALBUM SALES 50%
    2. ONLINE VOTES 30%
    3. MNET JUDGES 10%
    4. SMS VOTES 10%

    I wonder whether this is applicable for MAMA as well >_>

    Thank you


  6. i voting for the rain & Mblaq too
    it say rain best ARTIS OF THE YEARS
    MABLAQ= Male group
    Rain =best male Solo
    Rain = best Solo dance perforamcer
    Mblaq = best perforamcer dance by male group
    Rain = Artis of the years
    Rain = Artis of the year =LOVE SONG !!
    rain have been on both same thing??
    i vote all of rain & Mabq too i glad these 2 nomines for this years am prouds of them !!
    hey i have question i check on the chart i did see say anything about rain and not even his CD their so my question is we can VOTE!!
    this as much as u can right and where the rating vote on this at i did see it here on this link ??


    • Hi, kongsao.

      Everything I know so far is in these two posts I’ve put up. I haven’t had a chance to try to register on the site yet. I did see where you can only vote once a day.

      I’ll probably share more on the subject sometime tomorrow, if I discover anything…

      Stephe ^@@^


  7. Wow…It feels like forever since I have been on this site, but I have to study hard! I am soo excited for Rain and MBLAQ! This is awesome, but isn’t Rain nominated for 4 awards? I went to the MAMA site and it shows that he is also nominated for Song of the Year for (Love Song). Hope everyone is doing well!


  8. here is the tutorial 🙂


  9. Friends from countries that would fall under “others” also voted today. I can only hope that those votes ARE counting since I know that they went for Rain & MBLAQ.


    • Thanks, glen. I really appreciate your additional information. I’m going to give it a shot and Terri will probably try again tomorrow (she got quite far in registration, in fact, before errors commenced.) If other people in other countries are having some trouble too, it could be that only a certain amount of fans are allowed, as they said on the site.

      Thanks again! 😀

      Stephe ^@@^


  10. I registered this morning. When you look at the stats there is one for Asia and then it is broken down to Korea/China/Japan/Thailand/Vietnam then OTHERS

    I am assuming that my vote went into the Others category :p


  11. That’s great news!… in a way. Why the heck are there two of the same thing (Artist of the Year)?

    Is that a glitch? Male and female? Veteran and newbie?

    *sigh* Good grief.

    Stephe ^@@^


  12. Sorry to be a pain…but I’m a bit confused. Are our votes not counted toward this? I’m registered at MNET and I did vote today for the MAMA.


    • Well, what we read said that the voting was for fans across Asia only, and that if you were overseas, voting would be limited if at all. So if you’re registered and voting, that’s something we need to know and try to act on.

      How long have you been registered at Mnet? It wouldn’t let Terri register, at least earlier it wouldn’t.

      Stephe ^@@^


  13. Rain is also listed in 2 more categories both of which are called Artist of the Year. When you first click on those you have to wait for it to load and then you get a long list and Rain is on each of them.

    Photo credit CloudyMJ


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