New on the Block.

* REFRESHED (in a major way): Our Favorite Pics page.

In addition to updating the Pic of the Week, Terri has given the page both a Runaway/Fugitive AND a long-haired Rain overhaul.  But do not fear if you were severely hung up on the previous landscape… a LOT of that is still there, waiting to entice you and provide you your hourly, daily, or weekly “fix.”


Digest it all, in one sitting, if you can.  Or swallow it down in portions, if necessary.

But go.  Go NOW.  (Gosh, I think we’ll all be quoting Raizo until the end of time LOL)

Enjoy, Rain Clouds. 😀

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on October 28, 2010.

5 Responses to “New on the Block.”

  1. :Squeal!:
    Bootie! Banana! V! Abs! Long Hair! A Hot Fugitive! NA! Lips! Gaaahhhh!
    :passes out:


  2. You ladies are truly totally AWESOME!! I don’t know anything about blog world except what I’ve seen here and I sure hope you ladies get paid for this cause YOU REALLY WORK YOUR A**es OFF!! and I’m very grateful for all you do. MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT!!


  3. Thanks Terri and alll the team for getting these pages set up…we appreciate all your efforts.


  4. Wow…..Go now…indeed. What an awesome update! I dunno where to start! So I will just go back and enjoy again! ^.^


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