We don’t give a flying f**k…

…that we can’t find Rain’s RAIZO abs in this picture.

Why?  Because his GORGEOUS GOLDEN ABS will do just fine!

I mean good grief.  LOOK at him.  Yummy, right?

Geez.  Only some dingbat would care one way or another, ESPECIALLY at the Asia Song Festival, when his BACKSIDE was looking like THIS:



All I can say is:  abs? What abs?  WTH.

People who keep complaining about Rain’s abs being “uncut” obviously have never tried to maintain an eight-pack themselves.  FYI, a Raizo physique would be almost impossible to maintain for long periods of time (especially with the kind of schedule Rain currently maintains) and is, frankly, UNHEALTHY.

And if there’s one thing we want our Ji-Hoon to be is healthy, right?.  After all, we want him to be around a long, long time, don’t we?

So whoever it was who started this hoopla, PLEASE quit your b**chin’ and GET A LIFE.

That’s all.  I’m done.  You can go back to whatever it was you were doing (like watching Rain videos) before I so rudely interrupted.


Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on October 27, 2010.

22 Responses to “We don’t give a flying f**k…”

  1. The men looks fine as hell his body and but looks good to me. Beside jihoon got an ass u want to grab. I like that.


  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by 비 and 비 , Chisun. Chisun said: Rain (Jung Jihoon) is GORGEOUS, SEXY, HOT! We don't give a flying f**k…: http://t.co/NiLOZey | [U.S. Cloud] #WeBelieveInRain @29rain […]


  3. His body looks beautiful as ever! These photos definitely do the man great justice! 🙂


  4. A newbie here 🙂
    I like Cloudusa site!
    How come you’re much more supportive than Korean netizens themselves? Instead of supporting their own, they always pick on his weaknesses. Kudos to the owners of this site! I LOVE how you defend Rain^^


    • @ iblvni09,

      Welcome aboard!…..This is a great place to be and we all love and support and DEFEND Rain. I think firstly, because we have all seen Rain’s goodness within and he has NEVER come across as someone who is selfish or mean-spirited. Secondly, we all need love and support to get by, that’s a part of the human condition. Thirdly, he is so DAMNED GORGEOUS and TALENTED we simply can’t tear away from him……(SMILES)

      Rain strives for EXCELLENCE no matter what he does. We can all make mistakes at times and Rain is no different in that regard, but excellence is ALWAYS THE GOAL. How can you not support someone like that? Korean netizens don’t know what they are missing out on by concentrating on the petty. Korean netizens will be shocked when the “floodgates” open up and U.S. fans flood their web sites with comments. Then they WILL KNOW just how many of us support Rain.


    • Hi iblvni09!!! 😀 Good to have you here!!! As you can see, we are nuts about Rain and support him with all our hearts. There is soo much to see in these blog and in the forum that I believe you are going to be pretty busy for a long time. LOL Rain’s career is full of surprises because he has many talents and is really good in all of them. I am sure that after you see everything you are going to be as nuts for Rain as we all are. Welcome and keep posting.


  5. How lame and pathetic for someone to complain about Rains lack of abs. I have yet to see and entertainer to look as fine as him and have so much charm and charisma to boot. I mean how jealous are these people, Rain is bootylicious….yum, delish.
    Whoever said that can go to hell.


  6. Oh brother. I’ll take Rain with extra cut abs or without extra cut abs anyday. I’m sure the poor guy is mad tired out every night. He runs and jumps and kicks all day people! I will admit that when those pics started coming out I was like, “Oh… his abs aren’t so cut coz he’s been running a lot.” Oh frickin well. And anyway, his butt is like BOOYAH! That NA body isn’t feasible anyway. You have to work out like 6 hours a day and eat cardboard (ok, food that tastes like cardboard) to maintain that. I used to be into working out A LOT and I still never managed to eat as clean as Rain did to get that body. He had like 0% bodyfat. Come on now… that’s not something you can keep up unless, like Bialamode said, you do that for a living. Plus those fitness models only look like that when they diet down and lose water weight for special events or pics. Those naysayers need to get a life.


  7. OH HECK NAW!!! BABY is looking DAMN GOOD!!! OKAY! And I would never want a muscle head for a man anyway(no focus). And besides it looks like that bootie ain’t going nowhere, OKAY!!!! hahahahahahaha quite Terri!hahahahhahaha


  8. Is some one out there seriously complaining about this boys body!!!! Like for real people, they could all only dream of being in the kind of shape that Rain is in.


  9. Girlfriends,

    All I can say is yesterday everywhere I went I was being bombarded by whines about Rain’s lack of Raizo abs. They were even coming through on my news alerts. It TOTALLY got on my nerves.

    Apologies if I offended anyone, but I just felt like something needed to be said in his defense. I mean, seriously.

    Terri :-}


  10. Oh plzzzz!!!! He is geougeous, sexy and adorable just the way he is. Rain has being running a lot so now he has a runner’s physique and that’s ok. I bet that at the end of the day he is so tired that all he wants is a bed to drop on. Abs need constant maintenance and tha’s hard to keep up. Please f$&@ off and leave the poor guy alone. People should support him and not talk about such bs. Rain said in an interview that it was difficult for him to keep muscle coz he is naturally slim and with all that running more so. I love him abs or not abs. He is still handsome and with so much sex appeal that i will swoon from just seeing him. Lol


  11. Girl I don’t know who said that but personally I love the way he looks now than in NA. He looks healthier and fine as hell. Some people are into all muscle and no meat. I like meat with my muscle. Love you Rain!!


  12. How can anyone look at this picture — or watch JiHoon perform at the festival — and think, Oh, I need to COMPLAIN about something?

    Raizo’s chocolate abs are with Raizo, wherever Raizo is. And if the character comes back, the abs will come along with him. For now, the Golden ones are perfect, and god help us when the man turns around. WOW.

    I would love to see the abs on whoever’s complaining. I’ll bet they aren’t even close to tight. Hmph.

    Thanks for this, Ter. Well said.

    WE DON’T GIVE A FLYING F**K. Got it?

    Stephe ^@@^


  13. They r nuts but I love him all hard abs or not. Why u ask…….. Because he’s sexy ass Rain people!!!!!!


  14. Yep,someone needs to put a sock in it, and shut up the noise.

    This man is GORGEOUS! When I first saw the pics @_@, I remembered the earlier incidents where he ripped his pants and thought, well I’m not surprised since those little seams on his pants need to keep all that (gorgeous hunk) covered while he is dancing all around. All I can say is Hmm, Hmm, Hmm, (*Sigh*)

    @Stephe — I agree! Yes, we want Jihoon to be around a long, long, long…..time.

    @Carolyn — Oh Yes! Yummylicious… 😀


  15. they need to stop looking at his abs and focus on that ass


  16. someone on YTN news, hahahaha honestly some tv shows pick the silliest topic to talk about. all that running in Fugitive, Rain already said he lost weight and that mid-section looks totally touchable, right? iam i right? even a little tease brought the crowd to an uproar. did they watch those reactions? i just wish they would give him 100% support. it’s bad enough for other foriegn countries to do that, but his own? watching how hard he works they owe nothing but support( my opinion of course). that report kinda ticked me off. so short sighted.


  17. Seriously who complained?


  18. Who the hell complained about his abs?! My husband is a fitness buff and does a variety of things to stay fit (Running, Cycling, Lifts Weights, Swimming). Although his stomach is flat like Rain’s, he is not “cut” either and he works out religiously. We have all the fitness magazines at the house as well and you’re right…..NO ONE, even the fittest of people can stay “ripped” at all times.

    **NEWSFLASH**……the people you see on the fitness magazines…..those magazine covers ARE THEIR JOBS, they are called Fitness Models. They are paid to look fit. So they spend hours at the gym, daily. While some others are professional athletes and have sponsors to help them (in the sport of their choice) to stay looking fit.

    You’re right Terri……only a REAL COUCH POTATO would complain about somebody not being “cut” as they obviously have NO REAL CLUE as to what it REALLY takes to be and stay just that……”cut”…..so PISS OFF!!!!!


  19. Ok, who was it that complained, huh? Lemme at ’em! Grrrrrr
    He has more six packs than 99.99 % of the men out there!
    My my, look at those thighs!


  20. He is definitely gorgeous with or without the Raizo abs…he is definitel yummylicious 🙂


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