RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 38.

Asia broadcast 10/23.  Continuation from last week, ZEPPing through Tokyo Hall.  And the congregation said AMEN! 😀

Oh, oh, oh!  Let’s get started on stage with “Sad Tango” commando style, red-lighted and super sexy.  And, true to the original music video, right before the second pass, the Men do a modified death roll and kip-up to their feet, as if defying gravity.  Oh, my stars, I was waiting for that! ♥

(there I go with the “hearts” again… *sigh*  *groan*)

Check out how JiHoon’s hair is indeed in its own starring role, slinging and flashing under the lights as he throws himself into movement.  “Let me show you… let me tell you, how much I miss you… *singing in Korean,Korean, Korean* guurrrlll—”  Keep watching, ladies, keep watching to the end… LOOK AT THAT HAIR!

(and Stephe is down)

Whoa—okay, I’m back now.  And it’s the World-famous Artist stepping it up with “Touch Ya.”  Check out that “gun.”  All of him, in fact.  Rain continues to be pop-elastic in everything he does here.  Can you just imagine seeing that in person?  He seems to be delighting in the audience quite a lot, and they respond in kind.  Very cool.  “All the ladies, can ya—”  Oops!  Did you catch a cramp?  LOL!

Ah, black-lit neon “Don’t Stop” is up next.  Always a favorite, and the dancers for this one get a wow.  Not only that… rewind it and watch as Rain comes back onto the stage after the song—was HE the final neon dancer in ORANGE?  By looking at the butt, and that smug look on his face, I’d say yeah.  Why, you sneaky little devil, you! 😀

And then it’s time to “date” with the audience.  Awww. 🙂

What an enjoyable episode.  Have fun, all.  Next week, looks like we’ll be Rain-camming and “My Girl”-ing.  *fist-pump*

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on October 23, 2010.

3 Responses to “RAINY DAY Season 2, episode 38.”

  1. I’m BACK!!!! yes! My fave from this was the don’t stop, although I always love everything this man does, the creative dance in me really loves that.


  2. seriously i love this to death he give suck a megnicent powerful stage to all his aduiance and when he dance he play along with the song as well godness i love the outfit in here it suit him with the song so good SADTANGO & TOUCH YA!!
    gotcha love this man forever he very trun the enternily alive wild poplution and remark my this guy rain …!1
    and have his body that bard look of him just killing me i like rain rain rip sometime what mmore can u ask this guy he have such a mature look and never age abit !!
    and when he off and on stage eye on rain all over i would love to see u again live concert rain yes again!1 NOTE: VIP SERIVE NOT JIWOO PIA SERVICE ekekekek 🙂 however if rain ever jump please fall over me i well be the first woment pick him under my arm and hug this guy until i went out breath !!
    OMooo………!! DON”T STOP i could not stop loving that pefroamce esp world tour dome that was the best i ever see rain in so on ect… still love it !!

    NOW!! that what i caaled rain 😎 is true ENTERTINER
    all spill will under this guy !!
    ahahahh meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! rain i giving that towel for u ekekekek 🙂
    fan are been apapre for our rain aswet here !! love them !1


  3. You are so right his hair does have it’s own starring role LOL heck it can have it’s own show. I just love this man. *dreamy sigh* Will I have to take a trip to Asia to see a concert in person?


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