Mblaq check.

Well, thanks to the Boys’ latest CFs… South Korea just might run OUT of Chapstick.  If you need some, better get it now before the supply dries up! 😉

— Stephe ^@@^


(all videos source: Bestiz / absolutemblaq.net / courtesy of absolutemblaqchannel @YT)

[CF] MBLAQ Chapstick CF (Seungho).

[CF] MBLAQ Chapstick CF (G.O).

[CF] MBLAQ Chapstick CF (Joon).

[CF] MBLAQ Chapstick CF (Mir).

[CF] MBLAQ Chapstick CF (Cheondung).

~ by Cloud USA on October 15, 2010.

5 Responses to “Mblaq check.”

  1. Good for the guys a lot of money in advertising.


  2. so who finally kisses the girl at the end?


  3. hey???
    is the waether getting so cold now though it well dry my lip so far where is rain at??? 😎
    i need one from and overkiss from him too can someone give rain a message saying hey babe i need you shapstick right now !!
    jummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! :P)
    i just hope that my full heart pack of fulter ahahah!!
    dran all the boy are their ok i belive rain not aviliable for me today ekek 🙂


  4. Betcha can’t choose just one “chap”- stick eh. lol. 검정 비 black rain out.


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