Runaway/Fugitive made it to DramaFever! If your Plan A has fallen thru, here’s a Plan B!

[ *ETA 10/15: It has come to our attention that fans in the U.K. are unable to watch dramas on… and we appreciate the feedback, because without you all out there telling us, we wouldn’t know about things such as this.  (Viewing being confined to the U.S. and Canada on DF hasn’t come up in any of our researching.)

We have multiple inquiries in to DramaFever concerning alternatives or some kind of resolution (sounds like a licensing problem).  Is there anyone outside the U.S. and Canada who can watch programs there?  We’d really like to know.

*Please NOTE: The way DramaFever works is… new programs are offered immediately to paid members, but soon after that, episodes are free.  With Runaway/Fugitive, we were waiting to see if the same rules applied, and seems they do.  Episode 2 is now free as well.  — Stephe ^@@^ ]


The first episode appears to be free, and subsequent episodes require premium membership signup (basic premium service is only $4.99, and the packages go up from there… pretty affordable!).

This really is awesome—yet one more way for Rain, Jung-Jin, Henney, and Na-Young fans to watch the show (English-subbed by the WITH S2 team) with no fuss and no muss!  DramaFever and WITH S2, we love you. ♥

And we don’t begrudge you charging a little for Fugitive viewing.  I mean come on, everyone, websites have to pay their bills just like we do, so don’t belly-ache about it.  And just look at the QUALITY of the upload.  Can you imagine how many people they had to go through and hoops they had to jump through to pull this off?  Can you?

KBSWORLDi (online), KBS World (on television), and now DramaFever (online)… Aja English subs!  Aja!

— Stephe

~ by Cloud USA on October 14, 2010.

8 Responses to “Runaway/Fugitive made it to DramaFever! If your Plan A has fallen thru, here’s a Plan B!”

  1. I am sorry that some people could’nt watch the drama Plan B. They missed out.


  2. I jus decided to go ahead n buy $20’s worth of points on They hav a special now were u can watch all 20 episodes for only 160 points instead of 200 so I have 90 points left over to watch any other shows I want. Im impatient n culdnt wait till sum places got it for free! I also love how the subtitles are correct n the hd is amazing! Love u rain!


  3. Thanks for the ETA 🙂

    Also, DramaFever actually says you can’t watch it because you’re not in the US or Canada. (I’m not just guessing lol). There’s no way you guys could have known because obviously you live in the US, so when you click play, the video works. It’s only if you live outside those areas that the message comes up and says you can’t watch it – we had the same problem with MTV USA and Comedy Central. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read my post – I personally probably would have been a little deterred by the length 😛 xox


    • No problem, ashley… and thanks for the heads up.

      We’re also working on some other questions you had in your post, so thanks for your patience on that. 🙂

      And haven’t you noticed? Well, not concerning Jim and Katie, or Al and Kris… but Terri and I are the QUEENS of Long-winded. You fit right in! 😀

      Stephe ^@@^


  4. Dang it, you got my hopes up! DramaFever can only be viewed in the US or Canada. Also, when I checked, both episodes 1 and 2 are free. I kinda got the impression that they’ll eventually make all the episodes free, just waaaaay later.

    Would you guys be able to reupload the free episodes please so that other international fans can also enjoy HQ subs? If you do it on megaupload or something, youtube can’t chase you for copyright infringement, and since they do offer it for free there’s no need to grapple with your conscience. 😛

    And there must be a program out there that allows you to download vids of sites cos Ratoka does it all the time – in fact, i’d have asked her to reupload them if she wasn’t in Korea lol. Then again, it *was* her who finally managed to show us non-Americans that ‘Who’s not honoring me’ segment from the Colbert show… Hmm… Maybe you could ask her how she does it? Only if you’re willing, that is! I know that RealPlayer Downloader definitely works on youtube, veoh and megavideo, but there are probably better ones out there.

    Also, would you ladies have the slightest idea when the DVD for Fugitive comes out? I know the series finishes in December – do you reckon they’ll release it then? And DVDs that can also play is Europe, not just Asia or America: so either Region 2 or All – Region 1 is US/ Canada, Region 3 Southeast Asia, including S. Korea, and so on.

    If you could help me out, I’d be so so grateful – if not then no worries. But please ammend the post a little so that other people don’t get too disappointed when they find out that they can’t actually watch the show subbed if they live outside the US and Canada.

    Man, this sort of thing REALLY makes me appreciate those Korean clouds who are constantly reuploading TV shows and clips from news sites. I honestly don’t know how they find the time or the means to do half of what they do! Anyway, thanks in advance and I am SO sorry about the essay. I didn’t realise it had gotten so long! lol It’s so easy to ramble online cos you’re always trying to pre-empt objections and questions.

    Lots of love! xox


  5. so how does this compare to the price of watching it on KBSworld?


    • MD,

      In February, I bought a year’s (12 months) premium Dramafever account for $39.99. is about $1.00/episode (or 10 points). So, as you can see, Dramafever is cheaper (or free in some cases).

      The big difference is that KBSWorldi already has ALL of the recently aired episodes up and English-subbed, and they did it as soon as it was humanly (and technologically) possible. So, there was almost no waiting at all–for those of us who are completely impatient–like me.

      As of today, Dramafever only has the first 3 episodes available. And to be completely fair about it, KBSWorldi also has some cultural shows and documentaries that are free as well.

      Please note that both of these sites are only available in the U.S. and Canada.

      Terri :-}


  6. ^___* Think-U


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