J.Tune is out of the red… and in the black.

Asian news source Edaily is reporting today that updated figures are in and J.Tune has turned a profit.

As we understand it, J.Tune Enterprises, Rain’s representation in South Korea and Asia, made the following announcement today through their quarterly report:

“We’ve met our net and operating goals, and succeeded in turning a profit.

There was a rumor that J.Tune Entertainment would be kicked out of the stock, but it is mere rumor and nothing but speculation.ย  The financial structure of our company is very stable.ย  We hope that other negative and scurrilous rumors that are also without foundation will stop.

We expect to achieve similar sales goals this year as we did in 2009, but even so won’t be content with that level and will make greater effort to maximize profits.”

(Thanks to rain bird @rain-eu. and Edaily for this information.)

This is welcome news indeed.

โ€” Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on October 12, 2010.

8 Responses to “J.Tune is out of the red… and in the black.”

  1. @Terri, you are so right!


  2. I am very excited about this! Now maybe JiHoon can relax in comfort.


    • LOL,

      Well, I don’t know about Ji-Hoon relaxing. Honestly, have you ever seen him do that? Ever?

      But it’s still very nice that the press can’t hold JTune’s losses over his head for awhile anyway, isn’t it?

      Terri :-}


  3. Oh i am soo happy to hear that!!! Not for jtunes but for Rain coz this lift the pressure from him. Finally they understood that you can’t critizes the only person who can give you profits. I hope they learn the lesson, that they should give Rain the respect he deserve as an artist and as a human beeing. JTunes keep working hard for Rain coz Clouds are watching you like a hawk. Aza aza fighting!!!


  4. This is great! It looks like Somebody at JTUNE must have read our posts/”rants” about how they need to “get on the stick” and work for the success of the company. Hopefully, they realized you can’t put all your eggs in the “Ji-Hoon/Rain basket”……..


  5. yeah…thanks to BI and all HIS hard work, hope they are appreciative and show him respect…aja aja BI!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  6. So happy to hear this


  7. I’m happy that Jihoon and J.Tune is doing good.That takes the stress off of Jihoon. And that makes me happy.


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