Sheer Driving Pleasure: Rain meets BMW.

I recall a recent comment from a member who was astonished at how the “Memory In My Hand” music video was all to sell a phone for Pantech China.  And I agree with her!  That was quite a project, and pretty cool when it was finished.  I would have bought one. 🙂

And I also thought, BUT… that absolutely pales in comparison to the BMW meets Truth campaign from April 2006, a huge collaboration between BMW Korea, BMW Germany, JYPE, and Rain.  And there’s no telling who else was involved in that thing.

A digital commercial release (“Still Believe”) with six different tracks of Rain’s song, a Rain music video featuring JYP and the Beemer, a 26-minute musical movie, an 18-minute dramatic film with villains, kidnappings, car chases, childhood love, and a hero fighting for his life, a 2-minute film trailer, a 4-minute trailer, 15-sec, 30-sec, and 60-second CFs, a website that subsequently got close to a million hits, massive press conferences and photo ops, an extensive online marketing plan completely built around Rain’s image… all to sell the new BMW that was hitting Korea that year.

It really was an amazing thing to see.

» The old BMW Meets Truth website is HERE.

» The extensive PDF marketing project with consumers in mind is HERE.

“Here comes Tha Beemer… Yes-sah!  Rain!  And JYP!  Yo, Rain, ya gotta stop believing in this love thang…” (Go ‘head wicha bad self, JYP.  LOL!  I have no clue why I get such a kick out of that.)

— Stephe ^@@^


(all credit: Mnet / BMW Korea / BMWmeetsTruth)

“Still Believe,” by Rain for BMW Meets Truth, English-subbed.  (courtesy of MsMerra)

The making of BMW Meets Truth.  (courtesy of interonetube)

The 15sec CF.  (credit: / courtesy of cokatthaico)

The 2-minute trailer. (courtesy of abmwfan)

The 4-minute trailer.  (source: bestiz + daum +샤르망 / courtesy of adilahFX)

One of the few embeds of the 18-minute film still out there is this terrific one by Arabic fans.  Enjoy it.  It’s certainly worth the time, in my opinion.  Rain really uses his acting chops here!  (courtesy of Famulan87)

~ by Cloud USA on October 10, 2010.

12 Responses to “Sheer Driving Pleasure: Rain meets BMW.”

  1. This comercial was soo fun to watch coz it was like a movie. As always Rain brings it in a major way. He is so intense that you have to keep watching coz he gets your interest and your heart. Great commercial and facinating acting by all the cast. The music is great too. Loove it!!


  2. I am sorry ladies but Rain is latino!!! LOL Just kidding!!! Well, maybe no coz you know that latinos are made of a mix of black, white, indian and some asian roots. I was taking a good look at myself the other day and realize that I am really mix up. If you take a look at me first hand, you said that lady is irish coz the red hair, blue eyes and white skin. PlZZ!! When I was in the US looking for a job everybody asked for a green card coz they thought I was european. But if you take a closer look I have asian eyes, yes, I make a line with them when I smile. LOL I am small and my finger nails go down like asian people. My butt is definetely black and when I hear drums, Gosh, I have to dance!! Africa is in my blood too. My hair may be red but I have some black waves in the frontline and my hips, well, clasical latina. So you see, I am a melting pot myself. LOL I can’t discriminate ever coz I know from where I come. I looove asian people, culture and of course, I love Rain just coz he is soo special. He gained my heart the moment I knew about his life and to top it all, the way he is with his fans. Love ya Baby Rain!! Mua!!!


    • LOL…!

      You have a lot of company in that melting pot, mari. *checks family tree… Native American (Cherokee, Blackfoot, Seminole), Black, Irish and other cream as well, and a spot of Jamaican*

      Stephe ^@@^


      • Wow!!! Nice to know that i am not alone!!! Lol i have my indian root too by my father side. At this point in history i think there are maybe a bunch of people who could say for real that are not mixed.


  3. That is my favorite cf ever!!!!…just awesome!! 😉


  4. Have not seen that in a min.


  5. Hi, Jojo.

    Assuming I’m looking at the two guys you’re talking about, you’re right, they’re not in the main Crew (if still in the Crew at all), and we don’t have their names. Maybe another commenter here knows more.

    Stephe ^@@^


  6. Sheer driving pleasure, hahahaa. i’m wit you girrrl (steph) I like the tune(great R&B funky hard base) and the dancing, kinda reminds me of MJ(jackson singer * choreographer both r.i.p) Okay there are 2 ‘hot guys’ dancers in this vid’ and FreeWay, I dont see them on the Bi crew still. where are they, and what’s their names? Dont tell me they’re all still part of the grp of 7. can’t be, the two i’m looking for… i definately don’t see in love song tweet me the info as soon as you can. paix 검정 비 i’m black rain, out.


  7. You know if you think about it all of his mannerism And even things he says, does and even the way he walks is very African-American not only him but a lot of Korean males and even some of the women have our mannerisms. Has I watch things on Koreans I swear the only difference is hair texture and eyes, and really to be an African-American myself I know as well as some of you know our culture is all mixed up and not to often anyone (please) our culture is more open to others probably because all we have endured in our past and present and our families are more diversified. For those that don’t understand my mother is darker that mahogany, my father is Italian my oldesst brother darkest, middlebrother,darkbrown, me mediumlike honey, mind you we all have gotten darker with age cause as a baby I was white hahahaha, now my family has branched to Indian and Asian and even blue eye mix. In my family a persons race is not so much a big deal, and if you see some of Rains earlier dance shows he looks like he’s Gettin krunk and the sisters are serious about their dance to, I LOVE IT!!!! So for all of the brothers and sisters I say He** YEAH! And for the price of a BMW they can afford this big production and it was on the level of MJ’s (RIP) thiller, it was GREAT!!!


    • @ Lotus,

      I absolutely agree. As a fellow African-American female, the FIRST thing I noticed was all this SWAGGER Bi had. I was like this Korean man has been annointed by SOME “Brotha” or “Sista” it’s just not typical of what I have always viewed as the mannerisms of the Asian culture. I was BLOWN AWAY. You can really see that “Black Man Swagger” on Bi during that W Phone CF, I mean truly.

      As you have mentioned, I also have a VARIETY of hues in my family as well. I have the same color ranges and variations of hair textures in my family as well. In my extended family we have Black/Latin mixes and Black/White mixes, it’s a beautiful thing. That’s why I think I am SO DRAWN to Bi, it’s natural to me. The part of him that is drawn to African-American culture is probably what is “calling” to me on a deeper level. After all, we are all AFRICANS under the skin, as the scientists and anthropologists and archeologists and any other OLOGIST suggests.
      However, I am drawn to the man because of how he has brought himself out of poverty through sheer determination, perseverance and dedication to become an international star. As someone who loves her parents dearly, the way he has dedicated his entire career to making his mother proud, I absolutely love and adore about him. He is a BEAUTIFUL SOUL……LOVE IT!!


  8. I must agree with Diva, When I first saw “Still Believe” I was like WOAH!…..I had already seen Ninja Assassin and when I went in search of Rain, “Still Believe” was the first thing I saw of his singing and dancing like a “Brotha”. I was floored and hooked ever since!!


  9. This mv is what made me really start paying attention to everything about Rain, especially his older stuff. The way he dances in it is something else. I love hip hop dancing (always wanted to be a dancer… sigh!) and so I really “fell” for Rain at that point.


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