New on the Block.

* REFRESHED: Our Cloud USA Favorite Pics page.  And guess what with?  Think about it for a second…

With those stunningly hot long-haired ponytail images we swooned over for nearly two weeks, what else?  LOL!  Along with other fresh Rain-Tastic imagery.  So beat a path on over there and enjoy yourselves.

That is an order. 😛

* ADDED: A fresh video to our Incredible Fan Love page.  So cute!

* ADDED: Fresh videos and articles to the following PAGES in our blog sidebar, from recent site maintenance for August:

~ IN CONCERT Legend of Rainism: Let Him Touch Ya
~ News & Articles
~ Outstanding Fan Videos
~ Commercial Spots
~ Short Clips
~ Drama MVs, Trailers, Short Films & Photo Shoots

For fans of Raizo and Mika, a wonderful fan made video dedicated to their protection of each other in Ninja Assassin is already on our Outstanding Fan Videos page, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  Rain clouds united!

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on October 9, 2010.

11 Responses to “New on the Block.”

  1. Me likey!


  2. Super Sexy! just loved his long hair.


  3. ahhh… he look so damn good.
    what a sexy body he has… lovin this photo…


  4. So I just FINALLY watched him win the Daesang award in 2004. What a poignant moment. I started tearing up along with Rain and I just wanted to hug him. Sighh…


  5. I love the ponytail pics, especially the one of him sitting in the car, windows rolled down in the red sweater. It was new to me, but just as gorgeous as the rest! This boy continues to make my blood boil!!


  6. I had a dream of the 2nd installment of Ninja Assasin II. In th efirst we saw how Raizo became who he was. NA~II will be his work as the best Ozunu clan and his gradual decention. You feel me McTeigue.. unfortunatley its the Bi w the shorter hair on screen 😦 but in the end his hair is longer,yeaah. 검정 비 I’m black rain..Happy-turkey day for my fellow Canucks. paix. CUSA


  7. wow…(drooling)…pics are absolutely gorgeous!!!..every single one of them…and i love the song “baby, baby” by fan club…thnx for the hard work!! 😉


  8. I have never this pic before but must I say it again ” Damn, but the man is FINE!!!!”

    @ Divalicious, right, now I can really get ready for work LOL



  9. Omg @ that pic! Just when you think you’ve seen all the hot “Rain working out for NA” pics there are to see. What an excellent way to start my morning. Just woke me right up! Ty!


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