Runaway/Fugitive and KBS take second this week in the ratings.

10asia 10/8/2010 — New drama “The President” upholds top spot on TV charts

New SBS TV series “The President” became the most-watched drama in the primetime slot of Wednesday and Thursday nights.

According to figures released by TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistics) on Friday, the viewership ratings for “President,” which premiered this week, saw ratings of 17.4 percent on October 6 and a 3.8 percent hike the following night.

Data released by AGB Nielsen Media Research reported that the new drama, starring Korean actors Ko Hyun-jung and Kwon Sang-woo, posted viewership ratings of 18 percent on Wednesday night and 21.5 percent on Thursday.

“The President” is about Seo Hae-rim (played by Ko) who enters the world of politics from a proposal by Kang Tae-san (played by Cha In-pyo). Seo sets her sights on the position of president with the help of her long-time friend Ha Doya (played by Kwon).

Meanwhile, both TV charts reported that “Fugitive: Plan B” came in second place with scores in the 15 to 16 percent mark on Wednesday and Thursday nights, a decrease compared to the previous week.

Following behind at No. 3 was MBC’s “Naughty Kiss,” starring Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So-min, with ratings in the seven percent mark.

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~ by Cloud USA on October 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “Runaway/Fugitive and KBS take second this week in the ratings.”

  1. cool drama indeed.


  2. feels sorta like those polls we particpate in sometimes. starting out from the gate and slowly picking up speed, right?
    i agree marisara. i’ve been watching “Three Brothers”, and it took me a good 5 episodes before i really got interested. i love the suspense and mystery in Fungitive, not to mention JiWoo’s comic side. so curious to see how JiWoo clears himself about Kevin’s death and how he finds Medicnik (sorry, probably spelled wrong). i wonder if CloudKorea is doing anything special to promote this on their end? (just thinking out loud)


  3. it only went down because of the new drama, but I’m sure it will be on top again real soon aja aja !!!


  4. I think that second place is really good for a series that just started. I would be static to see that The Fugitive gets the first spot but second is ok too. The plot is getting complicated and emotionally charge soo lets think possitive and hope for the best. Rain’s work is impecable and I hope that when people see that warm, melt your heart side of him that just began to show in episode 4 they are going to get hooked for sure.


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