Take me out to the ballgame…

The Rain Blogosphere was abuzz yesterday when pictures of Ji-Hoon and close friend rapper/photographer Bbaek-Ga (of Koyote fame) were spotted in the audience at the pro-baseball 5th place playoffs at Jamsil Stadium on October 5th.

There in Seoul, as here in Atlanta, the hot weather has quickly made way for the cold, so a little bundling up was in order.

It was nice to see Ji-Hoon seemingly relaxed and without a care… at least for a bit.

— Stephe ^@@^

(credit: DC Rain Gallery / courtesy of ratoka @YT)


~ by Cloud USA on October 6, 2010.

14 Responses to “Take me out to the ballgame…”

  1. It would be hard to watch the game knowing Jihoon would be there watching to.


  2. Wow I’m slow! I never thought that’s were this was going or had been, Aww Hicks to the naw! It’s time to really kick some BUTT! I could care less who this man loves, but since when that you can’t even have a dang friend? BULL***T! BABY like I’ve said before you do you! And to H with anyone how has a problem! JiHoons love life is the only thing he has that’s just for him! That he doesn’t have to share dang doesn’t he do enough for his fans and haters a like that he just can’t have this for himself? People flip flop so much, well JiHoon/RAIN Boo whatever you do ignore all this crap and keep your love life just the way you’ve been doing it! LOVE YA FRIEND, MUAH!!


  3. @all
    terri and busybee1982
    i am so with u i hearing you both from ear to ear yes it is a shame of other think and put rain this kind matter for who he alway with a guy esp his best firen beak-ga i could not stand to much rumore about saying rain is gay from inside out PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! korean and USA will be think 2 differnty reson and the fact is i don”t care who rain with beak-ga born to know as rain buddy best firendship as who coud get this closed firendship together rain the only child in boy side and he do not have any other brother keep him comfort and happy and love each other as loyal firend and that what my eye to eye see and open from these two.
    right the netizens and retarded Media they JUST COULD SHUT THEIR MOUTH !!
    busybee1982 !!
    called me too i will SLAP them too !!


  4. @CloudUSA…isn’t Rain the 2011 World Cup Ambassador where the games are supposed to be hosted by S. Korea? (asking, cause i thought i read that somewhere). if this is true, i guess he has to show up at some of these sporting events. that’s if this is true. but if it’s not….

    @Terri….I COULD NOT AGREE WITH YOU MORE. it’s a real pity that folks have this desire to intrude on entertainers lives like this. if he’s seen with a male to much for their liking, they imply he’s gay. if he’s seen with a female, or even in an area where a female lives, it’s his gf. wonder do they know how confused they sound? bouncing back and forth like that? and if you do find somebody to slap call me first, cause i want to slap the other side of their face, (and yell, WAKE UP!)hahahaha i say, let this man who gives so much of himself to others at least have something to and for himself that he does not share with fans and anybody else. Rain is wise to keep his love life secret, the lady wouldn’t have a minute of peace from fans or media and he would be so focused on trying to protect her that he wouldn’t been able to totally focus on his craft.


  5. Unfortunately, it will get worse especially if he continues to cross over to the U.S. market. We have all seen celebrity interviews time and again where they are asked over and over….”So I have to ask are you single, dating anyone?”….the celebrity tries to be coy and either answers or says “I don’t talk about my private life.” The U.S. media can be relentless as well. The only difference here is that you don’t necessarily lose your career because of it or because you’ve been “spotted” with someone. I mean in the U.S. a celebrity (who shall remain nameless) can shave their head and take a dip in the ocean in their underwear one week, then get back on stage and have a #1 hit the following week. In Korea if that happened, I shutter to think what may come. However, All’s well that ends well here, I say………

    As far as who Rain dates, I don’t care, I can’t care. Ji-Hoon doesn’t give two Sh__ts about what people really think about who he dates. He will be with who he wants to be with regardless of what any of us think.


  6. I so agree with you Terri, but even in the US stars who want their love life to stay private do the same thing because of the media, he’s had relationships nobody knew who they were and good for him! Otherwise every little thing he would do if a women was around would be put up for scrutiny. Until this poor man gets married this is how will be.


  7. Isnt it sad as hell? If that is his sig other, how awful would it be to just have to sit there and not touch or even glance at each other. I say who cares if he’s dating someone. I hope he is. I wonder if when he first started out he realized how lonely it would b at the top. Thankfully he seems to have some really good old friends that r always there for him.

    I do like seeing pics of him out and about doing random stuff. Isn’t that a hat he’s had since around when “it’s raining” came out?


  8. I saw these beautiful pics on another site. I think people were abuzz more so because there was a girl sitting close by them also in those pics. I think the “blogosphere” was probably upset that there was some Estrogen nearby all that sexy Testoterone.


    • And I’m sure you’re right. You know how that goes. Fans act like he’s supposed to go without or something. I mean good gawd he’s Rain, not the Pope.


      Stephe ^@@^


      • Isn’t it funny how in all the videos and pics posted, he never even looked at her or anything? Hmm makes one wonder! She was pretty though.
        You have to wonder though, if they’re together and trying to hide it, taking her to the ball game and then pretty much ignoring her is NOT the way to go about that.

        Anyway, we ALL know Rain gets some… Come on now. 🙂


        • LOL IKR! He’s Rain, he better be getting a LOT of “some” LOL! He knows better than to show too much interest in a woman, which is sad for him, but the media will be ALL OVER HER!!!


          • @ newcloud,

            You’re absolutely right. This is how celebrities like him HAVE TO date. You bring your best buddy and make IT SEEM as though this female is just a random friend of the buddy. Believe me, RAIN’s sexy a__s is definitely getting some, but he has to be OH SO CAREFUL how he goes about it. He has to get dates through his closest of friends who will also keep his secrets. REAL SNEAKY LIKE!!


    • That is so depressing to me. What a craptacular way to live, eh?

      I sure do HOPE he has a secret love life we know nothing about and that he’s finding a way to get a hell of a lot of lovin’ somehow.

      Stupid netizens and retarded Media.

      And Clouds? CLOUDS! STOP IT! Support whoever he wants to date. PLEASE.

      This s*it just makes me wanna smack somebody.


      Terri :-}


      • Oh and why are these pics news, anyway? They are stupid. Gah.

        Watching baseball is boring enough. And now we gotta put up pictures of Rain watching baseball? Seriously. There were over a dozen pictures of him sitting there. Staring at the field. Staring left. Staring right. Staring ahead. Standing for the national anthem (or whatever it is they play in Korea at ballgames). In an ugly cap.

        And not even half-dressed either. No. Instead, he’s wrapped up to his neck in a coat and scarf. I mean seriously. What was the point?

        Okay, wait. There was a good lips shot in there, at least. ONE. Maybe TWO.

        (Please pardon me. I’m still pissed about the “girl who can’t sit next to Rain cause it might be scandalous” crap.)

        Terri :-}


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