Blast from the RECENT past: Because we miss Hip Song stages!

And we miss them a LOT.  Gah.

Remember this?  It was only the third time we had seen Hip Song, and it was during the Love Song comeback trail in April (Rain didn’t officially put Hip Song up for comeback voting until May, as I recall).  The Men were throwing down and hurling themselves at the audience, Rain was establishing future Hip Song flavas like blowing a “moaaaw..!” kiss, the howl, the strategic crotch-accentuating items (in this case, tied shirt sleeves), and slithering up out of a hard split.

Ahhh.  Those were the days, chil’…!

— Stephe ^@@^

SBS Inkigayo, April 11, Hip Song extra after Rain’s Love Song stage.  (credit: SBS / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on October 2, 2010.

9 Responses to “Blast from the RECENT past: Because we miss Hip Song stages!”

  1. This would definitely be my favorite performance of this song. If i show this song to anyone, this is the performance i use because its straight up awesome!!!


  2. ahahah this song put me in the mood of dancing along with his perforamce man to R&B just pur rain live to rock and sing with him i would move my body all day with rain any song i am confident with this singer ever and YES!!
    RAIN DURE ROCK AND BLOWN all his fan with that hight defeaning is bring the house down with he could resisable dancing and am telling u this was the best casual HIP SONG he ever perforamce oh the Blues outfit with jean too i love that as well i keep STOP sining with that what me a fangril ehehehe 🙂 the stayle he wear and the outfir he put them together so awesome that why i called the king of singer !!


  3. this song is what made me a fan


  4. I love this song the best from this album, and I’m glad to see he likes Keri Wilson’s choreography enough to incorporate it in this….looove him!!! 😉


  5. This is my fave Hip song performance. His outfit, his hair, his dancing, he was all into it… I love it! I’ve watched it many a time… This was one of the first songs/videos I heard of his and I was really amazed at his dance prowess. As for people in the Philippines that thought he lip syncs… I beg to differ! He doesn’t need to do all that… he’ll just not sing at all during the song if he wants to. And he’s so good and so popular that NOONE CARES (including me… I’m just watching him dance… mmmm)! I love it. Cracks me up because this is one of his “singinest” Hip Song comeback performances. Gotta love him.


  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Chisun, Let It Rain. Let It Rain said: Blast from the RECENT past: Because we miss Hip Song stages! #Rain […]


  7. Jeez….already missing his stage performances ….


  8. that slither up from the split…….*fans self* ^.~


  9. Ahhhh,

    My FAVORITE Hip Song stage. You know why? Just LISTEN to that CROWD!

    Those devoted fans rehearsed the song’s cheers so well that they were actually became part of the SONG.

    So special. I was SO impressed.

    Terri :-}


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