Domanja LIVE: We laughed, we cried…and we didn’t understand a THING.

…But did that stop Cloud USA members from gathering on our fan forum (at and attempting to watch the official premiere of Domanja together LIVE on KBS TV2 this morning, at 9:00 a.m. EST?

NO.  No it did not.

A night or so ago, Cloud USA heard through the grapevine that it might be possible to watch the premiere of Domanja LIVE on the Internet, through KBS Able.  For those of you who don’t already know, KBS Able is KBS’s site for the “disabled and the elderly” and provides live streaming of KBS TV1, KBS TV2 (where Domanja is being aired), and all of KBS’s radio stations.  (KBS Able can be found at and seems to be best viewed with Internet Explorer.  Note: Click TV2 to access video player and watch Domanja.)

Since we always take KBS news with a grain of salt, and since we knew that even if the show was going to be available that it wouldn’t have English subtitles, we were extremely hesitant to spread this news.   However, after checking with our sources and after checking the feed ourselves and finding that it actually worked, Cloud USA finally decided to spread the word via our Twitter and facebook.  And then it was sleepy time.

Now, Wednesday is one the few days off I get during the work week.  As a result, I usually sleep in a little on Wednesday mornings.  So, you can imagine how thrilled I was at having to set my alarm clock to get up for the morning premiere of a show that I couldn’t even understand Yes, that is sarcasm you are reading there.  Just in case you missed it.  (Rain?  Dude!  You’d BETTER be appreciating this, man.  I’m just saying…)

8:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, my alarm goes off.  I smack it stupid and knock it off my night stand.  Then, I fall out of bed and somehow manage to stumble to my desk to open up the live feed.  And suddenly there on my computer monitor is an advertisement for guess what?  Domanja! Wah!  (Let me tell you, that was much more effective than my alarm clock.  And twice as pretty.  :-})

So, now I’m awake.  I’m so excited that I log onto Cloud USA’s forum ( to see if anyone is over there.  To my delight, the Clouds have already gathered in high anticipation of the show’s start.  There’s me (and Stephe) in Atlanta; Melanie (Mel) in Australia; Starrain (Star) in Las Vegas; Reddrogue from Indiana; StormofStarzZ2 (Stormy) in Connecticut; and DNogitsune (DN), who is in Korea and who is actually watching the premiere on her television (yes, we are envious, especially when she tells us about her meet up with some very special clouds before the show…).  Even Divalcious (Diva) joins us later, kicking herself for missing all but the last 10 minutes of the episode.

As soon as all of the commercials are done (about a gazillion of them), the drama starts in earnest, and we are abruptly in Rain-drenched heaven as Rain swims into view.  Ahhh.

Ji-Woo’s  “womanizing jerk” and “keen private-eye outlaw” character captivates us.  Jung-Jin plays the “tortured cop determined to bring Ji-Woo to justice” spectacularly.  Na-Young’s obvious scheming and amazing action prowess keeps us guessing.  (Just exactly what is that girl up to anyway?  Hmm?)

Although we try to keep the chatting to a minimum, sometimes we just can’t help ourselves.  Some of our more memorable chat moments:

StormofStarzZ2:  g’mornin darling 🙂

1starrain:  That gun doesn’t have that many bullets *g.

CloudUSA:  Rain just said, “Oh, hallelujah.”  In English.  LOL.  Ridiculous.

CloudUSA:  Him surrounded by like 10 monks who know martial arts.

DNogitsune:  pissed off monks.

DNogitsune:  I can guess what he said in that one…Give me the F****** keys.

StormofStarzZ2:  Look at him being all techy.  Lol.

CloudUSA:  Take a look at my GUN, sweetie.  ROFL.

CloudUSA:  Where have I seen her before…Ah.  Now I remember.

DNogitsune:  No one is going to get into her house…

DNogitsune:  Seriously, I want his computer system and TV.

CloudUSA:  Awwwww…Rain crying.  Always effective.

DNogitsune:  I want his phone too.

DNogitsune:  (Ji-Woo’s contact in Beijing) Stop calling me I am trying to score here…that is what the guy is thinking … Ji-Woo: B**ch, I will call you till you answer the phone.

DNogitsune:  (after the intruders’ arrival…)  Well, there goes that idea of security.


And then suddenly, before we know it, the show is over and it is back to reality.  What?!  An hour has passed already?  How the heck did that happen?  My reaction was about as dramatic as Ji-Woo’s below.  (Aww.)

The good news is that although some of us were more successful at watching the show than others (due to crappy Internet/live feed issues), everyone seemed to enjoy the experience of watching the premiere “together” and being able to chat with each other during the show.  We enjoyed it so much, in fact, that we decided we would try it again tomorrow morning, for the second episode’s airing.

So, if you’re around on Thursday, September 30, at 8:45 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, Clouds, please drop by the forum and KBS Able and join us.  We’d love to have you.  The show will start promptly at 9:00 a.m.

— Terri :-} *putting her alarm clock back on her nightstand in honor of the occasion.  :-}*

** P.S.  FYI, Cloud USA received a tweet from KBSWorldi earlier today saying that they would be getting their episodes of Domanja on October 6th!  We are crazy excited by that and we hope you are too.  :-}

~ by Cloud USA on September 29, 2010.

10 Responses to “Domanja LIVE: We laughed, we cried…and we didn’t understand a THING.”

  1. Ohhh man I’m STILL kicking myself! Lol…
    I’m about to watch it right now… really clear megaupload dl so that should be fun. Oct. 6th!! I can’t wait to watch it with english subs, that will be so awesome!
    I’ll post my thoughts on it after I watch but I just wanted to say that I will be there with bells on at 9 am to watch the 2nd ep. with you guys.


    • It was a really good start to the show. You know something is good when you can’t understand a thing and you watch it anyway… I’m so happy for our lovely Ji Hoon and the rest of the cast and crew. I’m sure it will do well.


  2. I hate to steal funny stuff from other people, but this drama….PINGO! When Rain said in the show…I started laughing and then HoneBI (who knows what her real name is…JK) tweeted it later and I laughed even harder!

    This drama is just that PINGO! It’s hard to put my finger on what exactly I love because there was so much to see (that’s all I could do since I don’t speak any Korean)! This is going to be a great drama and one we should all add to our Rain crazed, slobber-covered collections.

    And honestly, I didn’t need the subtitle to enjoy it! It was that good…I feel like I got what each actor was trying to portray – that means it will be great once I have those little words at the bottom of my screen!

    Rain…Jung JiHoon…Sex God…(sorry, how did that slip in there?) GREAT JOB! Now I’m off to bed so I can watch tomorrow!


  3. AHHHHHHGGGGGG!!!! Rain is awesome!!!! The series is a hit!!! OMG!!! That opening with him shirtless I was totally speechless. He looks sooo sexy. LOve his character, so cocky, flamboyant and full of layers. As alweys his acting is impecable. The motorcycle scene put my heart in overdrive cause he was driving fast and without a helmet. The stunt was amazing. Na Young impressed me with her expressive eyes and beautiful legs. I can’t wait to see a kiss between her and Rain. Gahhh!!! Looove that desk of him, is sooo cool. I want one. LOL Probably it cost a fortune. The series is so fresh and different from Rain’s other series that I really don’t know what to expect. I looove that. I can’t wait to see the whole series. I am beting is going to be spectacular. I am sooo happy for Rain. BtW his outfits are to die for. So elegant but at the same time comfortable. He looks sexy an smoking hot!!! THE HAIR IS UNBELIVABLE!!! In the fighting scenes it flies all over and every time I am see that my heart flutters. Gosh he is sooo georgeous!!! sigh. Amazing plot, great actors, actions scenes gallore and deliciously fresh. What more you can ask?


  4. For Anime fans… Ji-Woo reminds me of the Pervy Sage (Jeoraya) on NARUTO. ROFL!

    Pervy Sage is one of the most dangerous ninja masters around and will kill you with one blow of his chakra… but if a woman walks by, he goes completely stupid. For a while. LMAO.


    Stephe ^@@^


  5. Love it, Love it, Love it! I was able to catch it thru as well. Unfortunately I will not be able to watch it tomorrow morning via KBS Able with you guys (that website is a great find 🙂 ). Will need to try Toudou again later…

    I love Jihoon’s character, his acting and everything. Some of his gestures are a riot (Yep a womanizer LOL). I can’t wait to see the remainder, and also with the english subtitles. Also I will definitely purchase this one for my Jihoon library… 😀


  6. i am impress what happen last night and i did wanted to say it was the best of all his drama yup this one is totally diffeent quinte look , place and full cast the shot is very breathtaking and the man itself whiches
    rain his part acting are to die to rewatch more then just once me i have watch ove and over again it only part 1 epi and i am crazy about the drama is dran good already the rating is 27.01% now and it very put u in the excited mood to watch and ofcurse i am very hooked with this but like busybee1982 i DO WANTED TO BE 50 OR RATING IT DERSVED TO BE ahaha see clouds we can do this let hope the rating up to 50%


  7. well, my pc won’t open the player, but i did watch it at rainlegend, thanks to ratoka over there. what to say? this drama surely has me wanting more. as a matter of fact, i want to start walking in puddles (meaning continuous downpours). this drama is so different from what he’s done before and honestly Rain switches from one emotion almost instantly, to another. this is how i like my films. how i like my actors. just take me away, out of myself and put me into the character’s emotions. no, i didn’t understand every word, but i didn’t find it hard at all to follow. just one episode and already i’m hooked. sorry i can’t join you ladies, but i’ll surely catch up after we all watch episode #2. here’s to Clouds and Rain. i want this drama to go over 50% ratings.


  8. I got to watch it thru…it was amazing!!!!…cannot wait to purchase and the subs, hopefully it won’t be too long…aja BI!!! 😉


  9. I just have to say, you all are the best forum mates ever! We really did have fun.
    Even last night, despite some disappointing news, checking the feed to be sure it would work, was fun.
    But the best was getting up this morning, making coffee, getting to the forum and finding all my Sister Clouds there ^.^
    It was a pretty crappy feed for me, but that didn’t matter, seeing JiHoon performing his most animated and comedic role to day was nothing short of heaven, oh every look, every new facial expression sent my heart into over-drive!
    We laughed, we joked, we cried….and had the best time!
    I can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow!
    Oh Hallelujah ^.^


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