The Fugitive: Plan B five-minute trailer!

An actual trailer, from TV Daily, after all those teasers.  Excellent!  I do believe this was shown at the September 27th Seoul press conference.

Wow, Na-Young… we like you more and more!

Enjoy, fans. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^


TV Daily_5min trailer @ The Fugitive: Plan B Press Con in Seoul.  (credit: TV Daily / Daum / courtesy of scorpiolabibi @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

[some rewording by Stephe @CloudUSA]

Are you sure to have your revenge?

JinYi (Lee Na Young) : They killed my grandparents, real parents, and my foster parents. An now they are trying to kill me.

JinYi : I can’t live like this any longer because someone has killed everyone in my family.

Actor A : I’ll ruin JiWoo’s life. (JiWoo is Rain’s character’s name in the drama)

DoSoo (Lee Jung Jin) : [I’m DoSoo from Korean Police Headquarters, Foreign Department.]  You (JiWoo) are wanted by the police for murder.

JiWoo (Rain) : OUCH! That jerk [named] Do!

JinYi : Have you ever believed [anything] that someone has [said]?
JiWoo : My job is to doubt everything.

JiWoo : Let’s not deceive each other.
JinYi : That’s exactly what I [was going to] say.

JiWoo : You said you stopped loving [anyone?].
JinYi : I never said “I won’t have a shower” to you.
JiWoo : Everyone says a shower before love is considered a “rite of passage.”

JinYi : Can this be a loving relationship?

JiWoo : I think someone is following behind us.
JinYi : Who?
JiWoo : I guess I misheard?

JinYi : If you keep doing that, [I’ll kill you].

JiWoo : I’ve come to your rescue. Let’s wash our hands of this situation [get the heck out of here?].

JinYi : You’re blocking my view!
JiWoo : Don’t talk back, and [just] do as you’re told!
JinYi : [Get your butt off me!]

JiWoo : Why’re you here?

JinYi : I will just have to take things as they come. right?
JiWoo : Of course.
JinYi : Tell me another!
JiWoo : We only need to ask to be excused.
(His voice is indistinct because of the background music, so it may not be a proper translation — rain bird)

~ by Cloud USA on September 28, 2010.

9 Responses to “The Fugitive: Plan B five-minute trailer!”

  1. hey, does anyone know the name of the background music used in the scenes with chairman yang and kai or any bad guys plotting? its an instrumental, arabic sounding, and it isn’t on the soundtrack. thanks!!!!


  2. What I want to see now is how in frikking hell they ended up driving the car on top of each other? ROLF!!


  3. Na-Young is a great actress too. It seems that she have developed a great chemistry with Rain. Uhmm… Let’s see what the Henney got in store for that!!! BTW Is she married?


  4. OMG!!! That fight in the moving truck is awesome!!! They look soo fierce and really wanting to kill each other. Great acting and stunts. WOW!!! Our baby Rain is soooo good!!! I am sooo happy to at least see this. Thanks for posting staff!!! Love ya Rain!!!


  5. I loved this long trailer… I really think this is going to be so good…. I’m so excited too! It really needs to be the 29th asap…


  6. Yea im hoping that Viikii gets the rights to the show, and is able to post the episodes. Right now they have playful Kiss, and like the day after the episode aires its translated into english. I hope the same happens for Fugitive.


  7. Really cool trailer. I hope these episodes get posted on YT!


  8. Nice, long trailer, TV Daily.

    Thanks for posting, Stephe. Loved it.

    Rain bird didn’t translate “Sumimasen,” at 4:12, which means “Excuse me.”

    And I think, at the end, it sounds like Rain is saying something like “Ichi, Plan B,” or the number 1 in Japanese and then Plan B. But does that make sense? Oh, who knows. It looks like he’s in Japan and he’s speaking Japanese. So, that scene probably comes in the beginning of the drama.

    Omo, omo, omo! This is so EXCITING! I can’t stand it.

    Terri :-}


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