Rain check #2.

[*ETA 9/29: Come to find out… this first pic is a terribly tragic scene in the latter half of Fugitive episode 1.  Aww… Ji-Woo.  So sad, poor guy… T_T — ^@@^]

“But I don’t wanna!”  — ^@@^  (cap: DC)


Screen caps of Rain and Bbaek-Ga’s Nikon fun.  “You got me a D3100?  Man, you shouldn’t have!  Whoopee!!”  (images: DC Rain Gallery)

~ by Cloud USA on September 28, 2010.

18 Responses to “Rain check #2.”

  1. I don’t know what was going on but I do know a friend is a friend! And it doesn’t matter its like love in a way it chooses you and when you have a friend just be grateful, and to heck with others and their BULL!


  2. It’s nice to see Jihoon with his close friend BaekGa. As we know, a true friend is a Blessing. It’s also nice to see BaekGa healthy, which is another Blessing. He looks great. 🙂


  3. #busybee1982
    i feeling you this EXZACTLY i i feel in btw these 2 and their nothing these can broke apart i am so happy rain foundsome to comfort and share thing together in once in a life time this is a gift of them two yo mean to know each other an a best firendship and buddy warship together
    would u envy them forever and best of all they share and jounery together to their sucess as well good lord i veru so devote to these 2 their nobody can be like them as firendship and rain is one of the kind that u never loss from him that is for sure in life these 2 buddy well remind loyailty firendship i mean forever as life move on!!
    guy did u watch planb it was GOOD the drama rain play is so silly and eyecathing gril and showing of his eyecandy muscular body yet in beging he it was took plavce in malina where he got off from swiming and went to the party short a gun and then riding the motor afterall and the he funny part he saw Lee Na young led his mouth is open paus i am laughting at so hard he such a very good actor btw… the drama rating 28.01% IT IS GOOD !!
    and number #1 too i can”t to see part 2 yahooooooooooooo!!


  4. i really like this cf with Rain and his buddy. a person really needs a best friend in life that supports you when times are good and bad. Bbaek-ga has been there with Rain all along and with Bbaek-ga’s recent medical recovery and all the mean comments he suffered during that time, i think the illness was a trial for both of them, to show the importance of true friendship. i say once again, true friendship is one of life’s treasures and don’t come along often.


    • Netizens made mean comments about him while he was sick? That’s messed up! What were they saying??


    • @busybee1982,

      I get totally your comment. I commented on the same blog post where you did as well, reqarding Rain and Baekga. I don’t understand the other commenter, but you are right, true friendship is a rare commodity these days and should be cherished without people trying to make it something other than what it is. Hats off to you for trying to understand others and their motivations!


    • I was heartbroken at the time because all I could think of was… if Terri was going through an operation like THAT (I mean gawd, how serious) and I couldn’t be at her side in Korea because I had to be on stage for Legend of Rainism Osaka/Japan at the very same time, I would have been beside myself.

      I don’t know how Rain managed to keep his concentration and put on such a great show, but somehow he did.

      Broke my heart.

      Stephe ^@@^


  5. @sephe
    sorry i mean at 9:55 pm i to excted forget i though it 5pm sorry dare


  6. @stephe
    i am on that i did not see the FUGITIVE playing i see some other show instead do they took it down what happen can u tell me is on your can u watch it see something else instead to drepess here 😦


    • Sorry I’m getting this late, kongsao… there was a news spot and a lot of commercials, and then it came on a few minutes in. Sometimes you have to just wait for a few minutes and keep watching.

      I hope that’s what you did…?

      Stephe ^@@^


  7. @seohe
    i can watch other show here threw tv 1 & 2 show that mean i can watch it tonight PLEASE tell yes coz i am watching tonigh no matter and it on TV 2 or either
    please respond coz i am dying to see this drama once again thank u for this infor


  8. he sooooooooooooooo very cute here he make me smile i cn”t wait to see his drama tonigh

    i reques your answer please told me if i can watch rain Plan b here


    • Kongsao,

      As far as we know, you can watch Fugitive there. At least, the link did work for us tonight, in Internet Explorer. Since this is a live stream directly out of Korea, though, there will be NO English subtitles.

      The link did NOT work, however, with Mozilla Firefox. Just so you know.

      Terri :-}


  9. Gaaahhhh! I want one!!!!!
    (of Rain but I’ll take the camera too!)


  10. THat last one is too cute!!!


  11. Awww…these pics are so cute!


  12. so adorable


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