Rain and Nikon are at it again… with a new CF.

We haven’t seen Rain and Nikon collaborating since this past spring, with their D5000 campaign (“My name is Jack, and I live in the back of a Greta Garbo hoooooome… for wayward boys and girls…”) and Rain’s fan photography exhibit and auction in Seoul…

But now they’re at it again with advertising for the D3100 and D7000 models.

Very cute!

— Stephe ^@@^

9/28 Rain Nikon D3100 OR D7000 New CF.  (credit: Nikon / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

“There are two types of people in the world… 3100s and 7000s.”

— brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.


And… drumroll… a making of Nikon CF with Rain and best friend Bbaek-Ga, back while they were in the Philippines earlier this month.  A little birdie had told us that Rain was shooting a commercial spot there, so we’ve been waiting for footage of it to surface.  It stands to reason that Bbaek-Ga would be involved, as he has mad skills as a photographer and has indeed been working as one since his recovery.

My goodness, isn’t Bbaek-Ga just CUTE as a button?

And Ji-Hoon… it goes without saying that these visuals of Our Mr. Handsome on the streets of the Philippines are wonderful.  Great job, Nikon!

9/28 Rain Nikon D3100 OR D7000 Making New CF.  (credit: Nikon / courtesy of ratoka @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on September 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Rain and Nikon are at it again… with a new CF.”

  1. this Cf very so cute the camera love him and he love camera too so ardorable i like this shot here they 2 very have such a greatime together i never see rain & Beak-ga shot anything thing much together it been a
    while just to keep me watching it it very a nice place and beauitful outsdide rain give all his adimre look and dam so sweet with thoes kids too i love his outfit in all thoes shot .. and it was one of the menories as well so dran cute how could not love the rain ahahah 🙂


  2. Watched it again… Aww @ Bbaek-ga in his cardigan and Tom’s shoes. Now I want a pocket sized Rain AND a pocket sized Bbaek-Ga…

    Btw… how do u pronounce his name??


  3. The cf is so cute but OMG the making of is SUPER adorable… Bbaek-ga is too cute and his hair is just so sweet… Now I want to pinch both their cheeks. They look like they had the most fun filming this. I like how they were in an indigent neighborhood and they showed the two of them just hanging out, showing no problems with being there. Very well done.

    I love the way so many of these cfs have a “making of” that they put out right away. They must know we want to see as much of Rain as possible.


  4. Awww!!!Him with those kids is soo cute!!!


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