Runaway/Fugitive press conference in Seoul: He said, she said…

Brief translations by rain bird @rain-eu.

Editorials and [rewording] by Stephe @CloudUSA

Video credit: YTN / mayuron @rain-cloud / all courtesy of maruborarainBASIC @YT

Rain confidently expressed “I’ll join the Army sometime next year.”

He answered a question about his joining the Air Force, “I’m supposed to film a movie related to fighter jets after this drama. I think the information on my next movie has been mis-communicated as if I’m [actually] joining the Air Force.”

In other words, fans—PLEASE take what you read from the media with a huge grain of salt.  People were freaking out over that “Rain wants to be a fighter pilot!” story as if it were really true, when it actually made NO sense at all right off the bat.

Flying jets is a lifelong career choice and takes YEARS of training.  It’s not something you just decide to do after eight years of being a dancer/singer/actor/designer/producer.  It’s not just some hobby you decide to try out during 18 months of mandatory service.  If Rain wanted to be fighter pilot, he would have joined up right out of high school, be a Top Gun by now, and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

“So, Rain wants to be a fighter pilot!” was the reporter’s opinion.  That’s all.  ^@@^

(courtesy of maruborarainBASIC @YT)


Q : Who would you choose as your potential mate between Daniel Henney and Rain?

Lee Na Young : In comparison, I can’t pick between the two, not only in their real lives but also in their own characters in the drama.

Did you see them both trying to sway her answer?  ROFL!  Down, boys… down!  LOL! (heavens, why isn’t my name Na-Young) ^@@^


Lee Jung Jin said about the drama shooting with Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), “I originally looked forward to a romance with an actress, but the most memorable [sight] for me was Rain’s back. [I probably saw his back more than anyone else did] throughout the year.  [Lots of running], even if I’ve grown older, [has made me] feel much better [healthwise]. At first, I shot more running scenes than speaking scenes.”

Q : What’s your relationship? Are you rivals?

Lee Jung Jin : I guess I should [consider that] if I make a music album.

Rain (Jung Ji Hoon) : Lee Jung Jin and I are in love with each other. (laughing)  I thought Jung Jin hyung (Lee Jung Jin) was my female [lead] when we started shooting the drama because he and I had to shoot a lot of action and fighting scenes. Unfortunately I was only shooting speaking scenes with my real female partner.

Lee Jung Jin : Rain and I [had to touch a lot due to many] action scenes, but [it was great having Jung Ji Hoon as my female lead]. (laughing)

ROFLMAO! I absolutely love these two. ^@@^


Thank heaven for the Henney—no translation needed.  Ha!

But boy, does Korean sound great coming out of his mouth too, or what?  What is it about that language?  Goodness me.  ^@@^


Rain was confident, “I had a nice dream, but I didn’t buy any lottery ticket.”

“PD Kwak Jung Hwan told me that he had looked up his fortune for 2010, that is that he would be helped by a man  named Jung (Rain). But I didn’t buy any lottery ticket. I have a good feeling about this drama.”

“I play a new character not seen on TV or a movie before. I’ve been shooting the drama, having a great time. Hope you enjoy the drama.”

We have a good feeling too.  A great feeling.  Now let’s see how this plays out. 😀 ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on September 27, 2010.

3 Responses to “Runaway/Fugitive press conference in Seoul: He said, she said…”

  1. Wellll…. it’s partly about the lips but listening to Rain speak Korean in that smooth butterscotch voice of his does things to my body that I may not speak of on this here nice family friendly blog… hehehh…

    Daniel Henney is the hotness too. I could look at him and listen to him any day. Mmmphhh!

    Lee Jung Jin and Rain are too funny… Lol @ Rain saying they fell in love. You can tell they became really good friends.


  2. C’mon Stephe, tell the truth and shame the devil!……(SMILES) It’s not really about the Korean language itself, it’s about the SEXY MOUTHS the Korean language is coming out of!……I am right there with ya girl!…….Just TALK TO ME BABY, I don’t care what language you use, right about now!!……(SMILES)

    Rain and Lee Jung Jin…….Those two should do a slapstick, buddy comedy. The chemistry is obviously there. C’mon Ji, you can bring Lee to the U.S. market with you too, we don’t mind!…..(SMILES)


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