Rain to continue his Big Badass ways in The Fugitive: Plan B.

[Cloud USA] Clouds and fans around the world haven’t lost sight of South Korean mega-icon and quadruple-threat Rain for the duration of the entire summer.  Not for one second.

We’ve watched intently as he: began the filming for his new drama in Seoul, took Japan by storm with his 2010 Rain Loves ZEPP concert tour, continued shooting the new drama from one coast of Japan to the other, introduced the new SK-W900 Aura phone with a HOT commercial spot shot in Yokohama, continued to support Kpop group MBLAQ as producer and mentor, was Spotted! by MTV USA at an MCM mini-salon in Shanghai, continued drama filming in Shanghai, Beijing, Macao, and the Philippines, participated in interviews and layouts for many magazines including ELLE China, and thrilled 15- to 20,000 fans in Manila with an awesome one-night show at the SM Mall of Asia.  And of course, a new RAINY DAY television episode every Saturday has kept us more than happy.

However… the last time the U.S. audience as a whole glimpsed Rain (real name: Jung Ji-Hoon) on our networks was the evening of June 6th, when he won the Biggest Badass Star popcorn statuette at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards just outside of L.A. at Gibson Amphitheater.

So to get you back up to speed, America, the man who brought Ninja Assassin‘s “Raizo” to life, became the first Korean to star in a Hollywood leading role, and the very first Korean to win an MTV Movie award for that straight-up badassery is about to continue his big badass ways.  How?  By portraying a very famous and infamous fictional private detective in South Korea, in what has become the most anticipated drama this year across all of Asia— The Fugitive: Plan B.

Does the title sound familiar?  It should.  We’ve had some really successful “Fugitives” in this country—David Janssen in the 1963 TV series, and Harrison Ford in the 1993 movie remake, innocent characters wrongly accused of a crime and on the run in an effort to clear their name.

Rain’s character “Ji-Woo” in this new romantic spy series is in a similar boat—he gets involved with a questionable suicide in Las Vegas, the dead couple’s gorgeous daughter, and a massive cache of gold bars that suddenly surfaces after being lost during the Korean War, and quickly finds himself on the wrong end of the stick.  Add in a famous Japanese singer/girlfriend whose father is a secret Yakuza boss, a police detective determined to bring “Ji-Woo” to justice, and a powerful magnate who is secretly pulling everyone’s strings (played by popular Korean-American actor Daniel Henney of X-Men Origins:Wolverine and the CBS series Three Rivers), and you have a wrongly accused Ji-Woo/Rain running for his very life (when Plan A falls through, you’d better have a Plan B).

As all of the previews and teasers can attest, Rain has put his rigorous Ninja Assassin stunt training (by the incomparable 87 Eleven crew) to good use in the making of this drama.

Back in early April, Terri and I had hoped against hope that a Fugitive/Runaway role would be the one Rain chose for his next project.  And here we are, wish fulfilled.  I can’t believe it.  The excitement overseas has taken on its own life.  The wait has become excruciating.  Rain is simply going to shine in this starring role.

Once a badass, always a badass.

The twenty-episode series The Fugitive: Plan B premieres Wednesday night, September 29, at 9:55 pm on KBS 2 and various networks in many countries across Asia.  The only way we have to watch it here in the States, so far, is online on KSBWorldi and possibly on English hard-subtitled cable/satellite station KBS World.  Please stay tuned for those air times.

— Stephe @cloudusa.wordpress.com ^@@^


» Our home page, with individual Fugitive teasers and our “making of Fugitive” slide show, compiled by co-founder Terri.


Fan made, Fugitive Plan B trailer mix, set to the BMW/JYP/Rain collaboration “Still Believe.”  (credit: KBS TV / edit: lunaluna / courtesy of eye0rain)

~ by Cloud USA on September 24, 2010.

9 Responses to “Rain to continue his Big Badass ways in The Fugitive: Plan B.”

  1. i agree all of u i am so eager to watch this epi on wed i hope i can stay up that late ekekek i well i must see this drama and i very cross my finger that someone well eventually show this in ENG SUB to i differenly wanted to see it that it better too but we will see what happen gosh just to see 5 teaser i am crazy enought to think it is a very COOL drama and funny as u can see teaser 5 just come out rain is funny their as well GOOD LUCK TO RAIN & PLAN B drirector too i hope the rating is so hight !1 🙂


  2. I’m so excited for Fugitive and I’m also very eager to see RAIN acting in big screen again…Good luck..RAIN, I know Fugitive will get very, very high ratings…


  3. I’m eager to see this series, but I live in America (Ohio) and do not understand Korean, nor does my cable provider have KBS World on it. Does anyone know how long it takes for one of Rain’s series to be English-subbed and posted on the web or sold on DVD at YesAsia or Amazon with english sub-titles?


    • Loridee,

      KBSWorldi.com will probably have the episodes up faster than anyone. They are, in fact, already advertising the series on their website. I would say that will probably be your best bet initially. They will also eventually be selling the DVD’s, cause that is where I bought all of Cloud USA’s DVD so f Full House, A Love to Kill, and Sangdoo. From KBS America (or KBSWorldi.com)

      They are a subscription service, so you’ll have to pay for the episodes. If you’ll do a search on this blog for KBSWorldi you should be able to find all of our posts about KBSWorldi’s services.

      Terri :-}


      • Do anyone know how much KBSAmerica is going to charge for each episode of The Fugitive and if it really is going to have english subtitles?


        • Marisara,

          Yes. KBS America is KBS AMERICA. So, yes, their shows have English subtitles.

          You must register and then buy POINTS to watch shows there. Here is their point system (straight from the site):

          KBSWORLDi Point System

          You first purchase a certain amount of points with your credit card at Buy Points page. $10 gives you 120 points, $20 is for 250 points, and $50 is for 700 points.

          Whenever you want to watch Dramas or Entertainment shows, 10 points from your pre-purchased points pool are deducted. You don’t have to pay for the same show again if you want to watch it within five hours after you first started the show.

          Other programs like Culture and Kids’ programs are provided for free but you have to log-in first.

          Points are Non-refundable and have No expiration date.

          You can use your KBSWORLDi points ONLY at kbsworldi.com.

          Hope this helps.

          Terri :-}


          • that’s great!!! Gonna buy me some points today. Don’t want to wait another day. Gosh I can’t wait to see Rain in action!!! Go Rain!!!!


  4. Terrific article, chingu.

    Terri :-}


  5. oooohhh im sooo excited for this show!! i wish cbs or nbc would pick it up so we can watch it here! luv u jihoon!


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