MBLAQ check.

He’s a kept man… and he ain’t getting away any time soon, because SHE holds all the cards.  Wow.  I believe this was released back in July.  Rain’s ZEPP Tour had started by then, so our attention was somewhat diverted.

Kan Mi-Youn, former lead singer of the very popular girl group Baby V.O.X., is Going Crazy with Joonie and Mir.  Love the tune, love the visuals.  Enjoy!

— Stephe ^@@^


July 18. Kan Mi Youn | Going Crazy (ft. MBLAQ’s Mir & Lee Joon) [HD:MV] (ENG SUB).  Courtesy of AznSamManTV @YT)

July 3.  Kan MiYeon ft. Mir – Crazy, the live stage on Music Core.  (credit: MBC / courtesy of kpoprealm @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on September 21, 2010.

9 Responses to “MBLAQ check.”

  1. Nice video Mir is so cute, so is Joon. They both are quite sexy, hahaha….


  2. i very like joonie here he very give his best and that MV he sure naile good and joonie getting better evertime i see him in particular MV mir too i like how mir react on this MV this is best to watch gotta to amit it!! :P)


  3. I like it a lot. She is witty and beautiful, love the concept. Joon is sooo sexy, a little bit of Rain in his demeanor but that’s ok. Mir is awesome, love his attitude. Great video.


  4. Common admit it!!! well have a Joon in our closet!


  5. Thunder has his own commercial. He was also hosting a radio show with Seungho. Thunder has really improved his singing skills.

    Joon and Mir look great. Mir is so sexy when he raps. Off stage he is just a goofy kid.


  6. i’m really liking the way the boys, (young men) are expanding and using their particular skills in other areas. very good strategy. but, i haven’t heard anything about Thunder lately. wonder what’s he been up to? best of luck to MBLAQ. seems their doing something different than the other idol groups in Korea.


  7. Hmmmm those little boys are growing up fast, gotta say, both are a bit of hotness here ^.~


  8. I like this song, very catchy. 😀


  9. Nice video and Joonie is extremely sexy in this. Of course, Mir is cute too.


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