[ETA: WTH?] He Rained Supreme.

[ *ETA: Okay, well, CRAP…!  Thanks to Filipino cloud Song Yong In going off on the reporter in this article, I now know that this reporter claimed Rain lip-synced his performance.  What the hell. 😡

Why don’t people get their crap straight?  How hard is that to do?  Anyone with half a brain knows that Rain always-always-always! has a live mic.  Always.  He purposely ad-libs and changes up notes and words and such during his songs so that you easily hear that as you listen.

Apparently the reporter has said she may have been mistaken, and apologized.  Still, I am so done with the Philippines media.  So done.

Thanks to Song Yong In (and other members of Cloud Philippines) for defending Rain’s performance and bringing the B.S. in this article to light.  I truly appreciate it.

— Stephe ^@@^ ]

Newspaper coverage of the 2010 Thrill’a in Manila. ^@@^ (image credit: Cloud Philippines)

~ by Cloud USA on September 19, 2010.

3 Responses to “[ETA: WTH?] He Rained Supreme.”

  1. i’m happy that CloudPH picked this up. let’s face it, not everyone knows the training Rain put into perfecting his live stage singing ability. so when it’s stated he lip sings, it’s good to know fans are ready and willing to clearify. do you know fans in Korea shut down a TV music station when they made this claim a few years ago? the fans jammed the telephone call-in lines and crashed the station’s comment board. THE STATION MADE A FORMAL APOLOGY.


  2. I sooo hear ya Stephe….I gotta learn to let this stuff roll off my back, as I am sure JiHoon does. Still, how glad are we for our Sister Clouds being there to defend him so diligently. Go Clouds Philippines!


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