13 Responses to “[fan account] Before anything else, what’s an ahjumma?”

  1. i’m so late in reading this, but thankful that it’s still here on the front post. listen, this fan account reminds me of cloudusa’s “Looking for Rain” description. i just felt like i was an invisiable on looker. this report was just that detailed.
    such a joy to read. thanks so much for sharing such a happy, memorable experience.


  2. Great account! I am so glad you got to experience this…I hope to have the same excitement one day!

    Is there something between adjumma and halmoni? Like for divorced 40 year olds without grandkids? If not I will stick with my “old stand by” – I’m not old enough to be a cougar and too old to be a puma….I am a Hyena! Anyone want to join me?


  3. wwoowwo !!1 number i have to say u very have such a lovely hubby husband of u it very make me envy of u who are dying to VIP concert and make it come true that was very sweet of him !!
    yes it true on the Love Song i would love to sing along too ekekek i did that when i was in his LOR concert in LA but not to lord i wanted hear rain more ahahah!!
    it SO TRUE alot of fans i have seeing they crying see rain live perforamce and meet him airport as well but the strong image of rain differntly make fall head over hell !!

    and yes i agree rain is like GOD a world of giving and living beyoung his SOLO who imspire so manly fans and envy his devote concert all the time !!
    this very making me crying yet happy for the memoris best experince of u weith rain it like another fans who know and goes to rain concert well be remin in their heart for a lifetime touch and bless and that me i am feeling u as well !!


  4. Awesome fan account, thanks for sharing. What a great experience being able to see Rain live.


  5. ahjummas is what makes the world go ’round!!!…more power to us!!!;)


  6. Yenskay, such a cool a count, thanks so much, and again you rock CLOUDPH!!!!


  7. I’m soooo jealous! I really hope he comes to Madison Square Garden again sometime. I want to see him in concert!


  8. thanks for sharing…Upon reading your post, I can’t help myself from smiling because its the same way i felt in that INTENSITY day! Seeing Rain in person with his explosive performance live will definitely tattooed in mind and heart forever…


  9. thanks for the kind words : )

    Rain’s concert was featured on National Tv last night and I’m so glad the whole country knows him already. I was getting tired of my friends always asking me who Rain is. So proud of Rain : )

    More power to RAin and his Clouds!


  10. Wow,

    What a great fan account. Thanks to Yenskay for sharing it!

    And HUGS to CloudPH for the spectacular fan service! I’m totally impressed!

    Terri :-}


  11. Oh, that is just a beautiful account! It was like I was right there with you Yenskay! Thank you for sharing your experience with us!


  12. Oh my gosh…I seriously felt like i there too, like my heart started beating faster like i was in the audience with her lol. Im just going to keep praying and hoping that he will give his American fans the same chance to show him our appreciation for all his hard work. LOVE YOU OPPA!!!!!


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