[images & fan cam] Rain check.

BEHOLD… the Man-V as Ji-Woo strolls away from his destroyed automobile, clothes blown back.  Seeing as you’re only staring at Rain’s chest anyway, the special effects aren’t needed.  Booyah…!  — ^@@^

(Fan cam credit: miyaki2222 @YT)


Meet-and-greet in the Philippines.  (credit: Shabangmojoshop Sms’s Photos FB)


Dress-casual hotness, uploaded today during filming, as we understand it.  Woahhh… (image credit: photographer YoungHo Kwan, @Twitter)


On a Runaway set back in the Philippines.   (source: DC Rain Gallery / credit as tagged)

~ by Cloud USA on September 17, 2010.

One Response to “[images & fan cam] Rain check.”

  1. Oooh…

    The secret stunt woman in me duly noted the demolition team standing in front of the fan-cammer.


    (Sorry…I’m a tad outta control over here…)

    Terri :-}


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