[fan cams] The Thrill’a in Manila.

Jackpot!  Miyupy rules…!  Beautiful…! 😀

And HUGE points to the person who can tell me where my phrase Thrill’a in Manila originated.  C’mon, work that noggin…

— Stephe ^@@^


Edited to Add: Rainism.  (credit and edit: miyupy @YT)


Rain at Intensity in Manila, September 11.  (all credit: miyupy @ YT)

~ by Cloud USA on September 16, 2010.

11 Responses to “[fan cams] The Thrill’a in Manila.”

  1. Mari,

    I didn’t originally have it here, but I’ve added it now.

    If you have a program like RealPlayer or similar software, you can download the video from YouTube with that.

    Stephe ^@@^


  2. Pretty please Stephe put back the Rainism video of Miyupi. It’s my favorite and looove it. It’s there a way I can download it?


  3. LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEE THE HAIR FLYING in Touch ya and Rainism!!!!! OMG sooo sexy!!!!


  4. In Love story he was soooooo tired, dripping sweat all over and almost breathless but as always he gave it all. Amazing performance. LOOOVE the way Rain’s hands glide over that mike pole. It drives me crazy, damn this videos are awesome!!!


  5. Loooove the soulful deep voice and vibe, the mischief in his eyes after lifting the shirt, the thrust OMG!!! and that kiss at the end of I Do. Gaaaah!!! I am melting here!!!!! A total puddle of glee and love for this man. 😀


  6. WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! you know i love that doggone film. bought it so i could watch whenever i felt the need. the KISS, hummmmm. it was a lucious one (and appreciated too), but A LOVE TO KILL kiss in the alley (when he opened his eyes and showed all that passion) that one killed it for me. thanks cloudusa, you’ve found another way to keep this site full of surprises and fun. 10,000 POINTS, OMG! you know where i wish i could use them, right? hahaha


  7. Hahahaha! Girl I did the last one! Thriller in Manila! Haha!


    WHO R Outstanding Performance Award was created to recognize annually the accomplishments of an solo SINGER EVER!!!
    magic to stir men’s blood and DEFEANING of HOT STAGE TEARING DOWN THE HOUSE !! performers more room for intensity of all the singer u have full BLOWN it rain yes another SUCUSSFUL !! omoOOO………


  9. “omo”, the thriller in manila…..Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier


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