[fan cams] Love fest: Up close and personal.

Manila’s Love Song, all up in your face.  Looking good, Ji-Hoon.

(Hongshi, sweetie, is that the top of your undies? 🙂 )

— Stephe ^@@^

(credit: roxytory / courtesy of watdaheckable @YT)


And the cutest thing.  U-Kiss has fun dabbling around in patented Rain moves during the Intensity show.  LOVE this.  Haha! 😀

U-Kiss member: “Well, his [Ki-Seop’s] abs aren’t as good as Rain’s—”

Fan in the audience:  “That’s okay!!!”


(courtesy of mebo815 @YT)


The majority of the Manila “I Do”s out there are the one-minute thrust version, heheh… but here is the entire song.  Oh, Sung-Tak, you are looking mighty fine, dude!  Also, check out Instead of Saying Goodbye.

(all courtesy of rochirusan @ YT)

~ by Cloud USA on September 14, 2010.

7 Responses to “[fan cams] Love fest: Up close and personal.”

  1. Those vids are all great! U Kiss was so cute imitating Rain, and I must give them some credit b/c they were singing w/o music & sounded pretty alright. I’ll have to check them out a little futher. Love I Do b/c it is such a great song & the dance break is extra special b/c it is such a treat, what with bared abs & thrusting and all… 😀


  2. OH MY GOD!!!! Rain’s sensuality has no bounds and that’s what makes him sooooo special. Again, his rapport with the audience is soo good there is no need to say a word. His face, his body and attitude says it all. HOT, HOT, HOT performance in all the concert. He gave his soul to that audience and I am soooo jelous!!!! I want to see him too!!! Damn!! JTunes you better get going cause if not I am going to Raizo’d your lazy a…


  3. Baby worked it out! Did my heart good to hear them scream so hard for him! Poor UKiss they tried,cute.


  4. LOL, aww that U-Kiss member is so embarrassed.
    It’s cool to see “I Do” in it’s entirety, tho I always rewind to the thrusting part a couple of times. 😀


  5. that was a short but awesome concert…can’t wait to see him gain in my neck of the woods!!! 😉


  6. oppsi :oopsi:
    i mean body 6 meaning 6pack ahahahha :P)


  7. Ofurse their abs agin good as rain hey yall no offense here Alright????
    rain body biulkd with that exceries and who workout hard and sacified alot work for his LOVE SONG dispite from under the waerther and cold chili not mention LOVE SONG but, also along his NATURL REPUBLIC too rain abs is so frim and thich to to buig or small either well, that me !!
    and when is dance and swaying his body rain did so naturally i have see the prody of rain dance to this song gosh they are pushing themself so hard noooooooooo!! nothing campare oringnal composure and dancer is rain debut his song with full defeaning SCREAM !!! @__@ and they even rating rain the most sexy body ALIVE!! and he is number #1 as for his sexy body 7 abs NO DOUB about jung ji hoon periods !!


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