More of Rain taking the Intensity stage in Manila.

Thanks to scorpiola for this tip.  And thank you, so very much, to all of these fantastic fan cammers!

— Stephe ^@@^

Quick cam!  (credit: tweetyandfriends @YT)

“I Do” dance break.


(credit: dianne029 @YT)

Love Song.


(credit: kimlinheung @YT)

Hip Song, and partial Instead of Saying Goodbye.


Quick cams!  (credit: ninhera07 @YT)

That patented Rain smile.

Touch Ya.

Escaping the Sun.

I Do.

~ by Cloud USA on September 11, 2010.

7 Responses to “More of Rain taking the Intensity stage in Manila.”

  1. Man i was just thinking of how much a hard worker he is. I mean when did he even have time to rehearse for this show while taping Runaway Plan B? This is truly a dedicated man… AND I LOVE HIM FOR IT!!!!!


  2. Wow, that first video is intense!


  3. 1st video: Rain is such a tease, flashing the abs, shaking his behind, he knows exactly what to do to make the audience scream.


  4. Rain did GREAT! And you could tell they loved him! YEAH! So excited for all.


  5. He seemed extra energetic in this concert, and his voice was in fine form. He must’ve gotten some good sleep! Lol…

    Here’s a link to another blog that got really good sound and some great video in their fancam:


  6. Oh so nice!


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