[Cloud USA Project] We want Rain & MBLAQ on iTunes!

Hello, Lovely Clouds,

Clouds are always asking us for sources from which they might be able to buy Rain “stuff.” With the help of other Cloud USA members, we can usually find it for them.  But the one thing we have not be able to find is a place from which to download .mp3 files of Rain’s or MBLAQ’s music legally.  We can’t even purchase their music from iTunes, which is really weird, considering iTunes has an entire K-Pop page that lists over 240 K-Pop artists.  But nope.  No Rain or MBLAQ.  Wow.

If you’re like us and you’d like to see iTunes stock Rain and MBLAQ songs, like they do so many other K-Pop artists, then please go to the iTunes Store feedback page and submit a request that Rain and MBLAQ songs/albums be made available for purchase on iTunes.

Maybe if everyone out there who would like to support Rain and MBLAQ by actually buying their songs would request their music, then maybe someday we just might see their names listed on that K-Pop page.  And wouldn’t that be nice?

Thank you for your help.

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on September 9, 2010.

17 Responses to “[Cloud USA Project] We want Rain & MBLAQ on iTunes!”

  1. still no rain 😦
    i’ll keep sending in my request to add rain


  2. MBLAQ are on there now but no rain!! Out of order definitely.. have filled in the request, hope to be able to get him popular and touring in the UK!


  3. is he on itunes now


  4. Done! I also tried looking for their music on iTunes and was disappointed when nothing came up. I wish I could see their faces when they start seeing our requests… 🙂


  5. done


  6. Done! Again! iTunes is going to think they have some crazy Korean people stalking them….little do they know…I’m not Korean! (But I am a stalker!)


  7. Ithat is doen deal
    we need to get this in for the fact i myself trying to buy these two I-TUNE serious nope i could even foun it insttead it give me error and unknowthat is wiere and yes we must have this proster ahaha


  8. I was wondering if I was doing something worng when I tried to find them. Hell I had to move to South Korea to get their music.


  9. OK I did it, wrote a term paper. hahaha


  10. Yay! Hopefully we can force them to get Rain and MBlaq on Itunes. I went and did this last night.


  11. Done, thanks for this idea.


  12. Done! Thanks for showing this page, because I have been ticked that I couldn’t find him there.


  13. Done deal!


  14. Awesome idea! I been wondering for a long time why his music isn’t on iTunes!


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