“S’up shawty, where you at?”

Cloud USA member Dianne (haleydd of Virginia) asked me the other day if we’d ever done a post about Atlanta’s tie to Rain’s Back To The Basic song “One.”  (Shawty, only one, one, one, ni sumkyeor hanado nohjil su obso [니 숨결 하나도 놓질 수 없어]…  Shawty is the South’s way of saying shorty, and it originated in our city.)

And I honestly couldn’t remember if we had or not.

I thought that, as excited as we were back during the Back To The Basic comeback stages about the Atlanta and New York ball caps, surely we did say something…  Oh well.  Just in case we didn’t, here are a few entries from the Urban Dictionary to get you acquainted with the term.

Later, shawties. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on September 7, 2010.

6 Responses to ““S’up shawty, where you at?””

  1. Now we are all in the know! Thank you much, as always!


  2. Thanx for the info. I had no idea what it mean. Us Canadians are usually outta the loop.


  3. I have always been call shawty but that was because I am short. (smile) Love to hear Rain say it.


  4. Believe it or not, as much as I love Rain and R&B music (having grown up with it), I don’t listen to a whole lot of Hip Hop/Rap. If it’s playing on the radio station I happen to be on, then I’ll listen, but I couldn’t tell you names. Maybe a few (Jay-Z, T.I., who is from Atlanta, Drake, Niki Minaj, Little Wayne, Soulja Boy, Snoop Dog). However, I AM enough of a sista to know what “Shawty” is!…….I do know a good amount of urban lingo, however……….But yeah, not everybody listens to Hip Hop with the same vigor………. I like listening to people who SING melodies (Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Babyface, Whitney Houston “the old Whitney”, Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, Robin Thicke, Natalie Cole, Usher and of course Rain).


  5. Oh, lots of people know the term. But they don’t know it came out of Atlanta.

    Stephe ^@@^


  6. you mean to tell me some people don
    t know what shawty means???…wow..they don’t listen to hip hop or what??


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