On Cloud 9: Memorable comments from August.

BiAlamode, on the “Soaking Wet: Fan Introductions” page, 8/10:
Ninja Assassin”……..This is the movie that started IT ALL for me. I just “lost my heart (and my mind, my husband would say)” to JUNG JI-HOON, RAIN/BI. I told my husband, “Unless you can do a backwards handstand on a bed of nails and flex every muscle your body has to offer, be quiet and let me watch the movie, Sshh!

purplezest, on the “I have come to Japan…” post, 8/10:
awwwwwww he’s like a squishy marshmellowy goodness sandwiched between UNF! and UNF!

marisara, on the “All I want is your lips” post, 8/16:
*drooling* Gosh, I need a bib the size of a tent for this video.

Divalcious, on the “Oh, Rainnn. You beamin'” post, 8/13:
The 1st thing I thought about while watching this was his swagger. He walks like sex on 2 feet. Mmm mmm mmm!

riverwood, on the “I see you looking at me… again” post , 8/18:  I still can’t say that I am a butt person. But I sure am a Rain’s butt person. *blush*

— ^@@^ 😉

~ by Cloud USA on September 2, 2010.

14 Responses to “On Cloud 9: Memorable comments from August.”

  1. We also want to help our sister fan sites here in the U.S. gather and grow Rain’s fan base, because there are still so many fans out there who don’t even know that they have a place to come. There is the same situation in other English-speaking countries, and with English-speakers in other countries all over the world. They all need a place to come and grow and share in Rain with others who speak English as well. This site is for them too, for English-speakers everywhere.

    Separately, we are little bitty cries in the wind. Only all together, with our voices combined and concentrated, will Rain and the Powers That Be hear what we have to say.

    Stephe ^@@^


  2. This is a cool new site, and I am also very pleased to have stumbled across cloudusa on my journey of Rain discovery, All you ladies make this a pleasure able experience. STEPHE and TERRI STANDING OVAION!


    • Lotus,

      Thank you. Stephe and I appreciate your kind words and we are humbled by them. We are delighted that so many people are enjoying Cloud USA!

      CloudUSA.org’s mission is to present Rain to English-speaking people everywhere, in an effort to help him achieve his personal and professional goals of becoming a world star. So, please tell everyone you know who loves Rain about Cloud USA, so that they can come over here and make even MORE noise for him!

      Terri :-}


  3. ROFLMA off! thanks, Ladies. I am so honored.
    *Ahem* I would like to thank Stephe & Terri for the opportunity, other members for cracking me up and making the site something I look forward to at the end of the day to chill out , and finally, a heartfelt thank to…. Rain’s memorable butt for this special mention.


  4. You’re all so welcome. You cracked me up to where I was beside myself. 😀

    Stephe ^@@^


  5. Ohhh, tha’s soo sweet of you!!! I am honored and thanks from the bottom of my heart. *hugs to all the staff* I looove this new post. Is a good way to have a laugh and share our funny craziness for Rain. To me this is the best Rain’s site on earth. Keep the great work. I am sure Rain is going to be sooo happy when he comes to the US and see that this site has contributed sooo much to promote his work. AZA AZA fighting!!!!


  6. sexy, sexy, sexy.


  7. Lol I’m also honored… About to watch him some more and drool. Maybe I need that tent-sized bib too… hmm…


  8. Thanks Stephe,

    I’m Honored!…. Made My Day!…..(SMILES)


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