Attention Latin Clouds: Rain’s Full House to air in Latin America.

Sharing Yoochun 8/31/2010 —  A Peruvian television channel has recently acquired the rights to broadcast well-known Korean dramas and have been noted as taking yet another step forward for the Hallyu wave.

Kpop fans in Peru could not believe their eyes as a recent commercial aired throughout Panamericana Televisión. Announcing them as ‘coming soon’, a commercial showed various upcoming dramas to be aired throughout the fall and next year, “Coming soon are the some of the best Korean productions. Viewers will be captivated by some of the most intense story lines.”

The commercial included KBS‘s Boys Before Flowers (Las Flores Salvajes/Wild Flowers), MBC‘s Strike Love, KBS‘s Summer Scent (Esencia De Verano), MBC‘s Heading To The Ground starring DBSK‘s U-Know Yunho (Sin Limites/Without Limits), KBS‘s Full House starring Rain, and KBS‘s Spring Waltz (Ella Es Una Mujer/She’s A Super Woman). The channel will begin their Korean broadcasts with MBC‘s Queen Of Housewives on August 30th.

After the news slowly began to spread among Kdrama communities in Latin America, fans could only comment with excitement. A fan commented, “I’m really amazed that those dramas are coming all the way over here, I can’t believe this is real…I can’t wait to watch!”


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~ by Cloud USA on September 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Attention Latin Clouds: Rain’s Full House to air in Latin America.”

  1. look like this FULL HOUSE not just popluar interional wide but forunally it a number # 1 spot of series that remind on tv, show DVD ect… they watch they love it why coz rain verey did a greatful job in this drama
    when i watch full the most attractive of him when i first saw rain sing bear tress song and move his hio back and forth never thought st first he a singer afterall i become crazy and star diking into webpage and serach who is this guy and why am i fall into his spirit u all know why right he totally can act sing and dance and again ALK he naile that film so good ang that right sang bugko !!


  2. How exciting!

    Terri :-}


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