Q & A with Rain…

… back when he was ZEPPing all over Japan.  As we understand it, this was posted on J.Tune Camp Rain Japan (the official Japanese Cloud fan site, please see the permanent link in our blog sidebar under RAIN SITES).

Okayyyy… is this a hint of the Red Scarf film everyone was talking about back in the middle of the month?  Or is Rain heading to Hollywood again?  Hmm.  We’ll have to wait and see… 🙂

And either way, it’s a winner!

— Stephe ^@@^

Rain J-tune Camp Japan _Zepp Tour message.  (courtesy of ratoka @YT)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu.)

Rain : Hello everyone, how are you?  This is Rain. Long time no see.

Q: Please tell us about your Zepp tour concert.

Rain : So far, you’ve visited my concert held in a wide area, but there has been an opportunity to feature good performances traveling Japan’s cities such as Fukuoka, Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai and so on.  There’ll be 9 shows in all, and the last one will go in Saitama.

I believe it’s time for you to experience a new style of concert where we can get closer to each other.

Q : What’s next for you?

Rain : My new drama is coming soon, after that I’ll start shooting a film.  You can expect to see the drama in Japan after my splendid Zepp tour concert, so I hope to get a lot of support from you.

Q; Please send your greetings to your Japanese fans.

Rain : Hi everyone, Are you staying healthy?  I can’t pay a visit to you often, but I hope you to quench your anxious thirst for my performance through this Zepp tour concert.  Hope you are always healthy, I’ve always been appreciative of your support, and I love you..

Your support of my drama and film would be greatly appreciated.

~ by Cloud USA on August 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “Q & A with Rain…”

  1. I’m curious to see what happens,And I now understand more of why he works so hard and so often,seeing the legend zepp pictures and what he said. But I prey for him that he keeps his health up!


  2. the man’s a workaholic……fingers crossed.


  3. Oh wow an new movie, cant wait to hear what its going to be.


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