New on the Block.

* ADDED: Three new widgets in our blog sidebar, linking you to new Rain drama information as it comes available on KBS‘s Runaway home page, HanCinema‘s Runaway home page, and our Cloud USA Forum‘s Runaway info thread.  Just look to your right → and go down ↓ (or up ↑, depending on this post’s location) to “TV Guide: Showing In Asia.”  Stay informed!

* REFRESHED:  All of our fan site home pages.  Gotta keep things tight and up to speed, you know.  Terri, take a bow.  You are one hard-working Rain Cloud. 😀


As a matter of fact, now is probably a great time to begin introducing the various pages on our fan site and media blog.  There are so many that surely you couldn’t have gotten to them all, right?  So let me help.

Today we’ll go to the beginning.  Why not?  For those of you who haven’t yet had time to explore, I give you our Cloud USA:

Fan Site Home Page (your doorway to our house)

Media Blog Access Page

Community Forum Access Page

Facebook Access Page

Rain on the Horizon: He’s Coming (Rain’s schedule as we know it)

Cloud USA’s Favorite Pics (yowza!)

News & Events Image Gallery (more yummy Ji-Hoon!)

Korean Culture in Atlanta Page (what’s up in our home town)

About Cloud USA Page

Contact Us Sub-page (accepts fan comments!)

Our pics pages are updated weekly, so keep your radar on.  The home page, Rain’s schedule, and the Korean Culture page are refreshed with new information as it happens.  Do enjoy, everyone!  ‘Til next time…

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on August 29, 2010.

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