[fan made] Love Tour self cam.

Enjoy this fan made compilation of 2010 Love Tour footage and stills.  The cute factor of this thing is off the charts.  Awww…!  😀

— Stephe ^@@^

Love Tour My Lady.  (Credit: metootyan0909 @ youtube / rainstorm blog)


~ by Cloud USA on August 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “[fan made] Love Tour self cam.”

  1. Have mercy on me !! He has such ethereal and flawless complexion !! Gosh, I’m green with envy !!!!


  2. OMG!!!! He is just soooooooo adorably cute and sexy all in one. How does he do it? (I think it’s just him…). He has me over here giggling like a teenager in front of her crush or something. Wow. How he has the ability to make me smile whenever he smiles is awesome.


  3. YUP THAT IS SO CUTE I LOVE HOW SHE PUT IT TOGETHER it like every movement of rain very a galimpses of sexyness of his and that charming just pass onto me with deep intaking i about to hangover ahahahah thank for sharing dare !! 🙂
    i like this fanmade !!


  4. Gosh!!! The Zepp concert was remarkable and I hope they made a DVD out of it so we can see it fully. I wish he do something like that for the US. During concerts Rain is adorable, sexy, charming, vulnerable and definitely memorable. He is the best. 😀


  5. omg this is soooooooooo cute! He can be sooo sexy one minute and then look sooo adorable and like a little kid the next. I’m saving this to watch whenever I’m in a bad mood because there’s no way I can’t smile when watching this.


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