Word on the street: INTENSITY featuring Rain & U-Kiss, in Manila?

The latest advert... which makes a LOT more sense than the first two.

Now that the major problems with this seem to have been ironed out (we say “seem” because J.Tune has yet to officially say anything about the event, still), and now that exactly what the show is seems a lot clearer, we’ll bring this news to you.

As it was, something felt off from the get-go, because full-blown Rain tours and concerts don’t happen without Rain and J.Tune doing extensive planning, extensive marketing, and shouting about the show from the rooftops so that as many tickets as possible are sold.  Nor have things such as non-themed posters, mosh pits, or generic advertising been used (unless we’re all sitting here with some type of selective amnesia).  The biggest red flag of all was J.Tune saying Huh? What Rain concert? I mean, how much bigger of a flag do you need?

Now, as we understand it, the organizations behind this show are some of the most reputable in the Philippines, and that’s good to know.  And that’s why we don’t understand why the show, just recently named Intensity, was advertised as a bona fide Back To The Basic event rather than what it really is: their event at the Mall of Asia, where Rain and others will make guest appearances.  No, they didn’t state that it was a B2TB concert right out, but let’s be real—when you use a B2TB image from Rain’s Love Tour and put RAIN: LIVE IN MANILA! on it, or Do You Think It’s Gonna RAIN on Sept. 11, that’s what you’re saying and you know it.  Every site from here to Timbuktu was shouting OMG a Rain Tour in Manila when they ran into it, and still are!  That wasn’t necessary.  Rain’s name even as a guest anywhere on any poster will sell tickets like gangbusters.

(The “MBLAQ’s in & out” business says point blank that someone was counting their chickens before they hatched.)

The good thing about all of this?  Rain’s Filipino Clouds and fans will finally get to see him on their home turf, and that is wonderful.  They’ve waited for a long time, and they deserve this.  What they didn’t deserve was the ridiculous confusion that has blown up the Internet these past weeks, which could have been completely avoided.  Cloud Philippines has been dragged through hell, and fans are lucky indeed that they managed to get the tickets they did in the midst of all the indecision they were forced to endure.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed and will anxiously await word from our Filipino sisters on how the show goes.

» You can read the particulars about the show on the Daily Kpop News site HERE.

— Stephe ^@@^ & Terri :-} @cloudusa.wordpress.com

~ by Cloud USA on August 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “Word on the street: INTENSITY featuring Rain & U-Kiss, in Manila?”

  1. OMG!!!!!…the Filipino media at it’s best…they are sooo wrong to print and put out rumors like that…absolutly reprehensible, they should be made to pony up what they advertise or go to jail, they are preying on the fans to make money…SHAME ON THEM!!!


  2. Hi, Redd.

    I really need to do further research. I was under the impression that yes, you could get drafted over there at any time, but that they only did such things during wartime rather than peacetime. That you had until 30 to voluntarily do your service, and if you didn’t then they would draft your butt.

    I’ve seen Korean males voluntarily serve at 23 but not forced to serve without there being a war going on. (of course there are probably exceptions?) I do need to look more into it and see if I can find out for certain.

    Stephe ^@@^


  3. It is my understanding that all Korean males can be drafted at any time during their twenties, and that they must begin their military service no later than 30. Of course, some research could be done on this and I suppose there’s an easy answer floating out in cyberspace somewhere, but I don’t think SeungHo being only 23 keeps him from being drafted.


  4. Yesh, I wondered “leader” or “lead singer”… and then I thought, what does that matter when either way it’s WRONG? LOL wow.

    Stephe ^@@^


  5. really the article isn’t taking about the “leader” of MBLAQ, it says the “lead singer” and that would be G.O. yep, it is still false cause fact checking MBLAQ’ fan sites there has not been a whisper about these boys ever appearing in the Phillipines. they did an appearance in Taiwan with JYP’s crew and are now back in Korean completing a segment of After School or something like that. not a peek about a concert appearance anywhere. pitiful, just plain pitiful.


  6. @dephe @ busybee1982
    who rummor this up noooooooooooo it was TRUE not i heard from Jtune!!
    what id going here in Phili why r they say sheungho leader DRAFF of to ARMY this such thing i ever heard ever plus rain have gone to ARMY hoe come how the blue they say leader draff of the group i don”t belive this and sent who say it ewas their no connfor from JTUNE about this onoe dowm dowmn at all but one for sure this is can be TRUE their no media or any word from Jtune Camp top this rain would be know first thing about this rain should say dooo to his student i thingking they making a misleading article attack this for some reson what is heck hell here now they r saying leader of to his ARMY it so IMPOSSIBLE i don”t belie it no for from any of them so……….. 😦


  7. I saw that, busybee… and I’ll say here what I said on RL. There are some serious advertising and reporting problems going on over there.

    Why would SeungHo be drafted into the army at age 23? “That’s why MBLAQ had to pull out of the show.” Oh really? My guess is that MBLAQ was never “in” to begin with. Someone over there has been running around writing checks that their butt can’t cash, and it’s catching up to them.

    “This will be Rain’s final concert before being drafted into the Korean military.” First of all, it’s a guest appearance at someone else’s show, or something along those lines, or some event that’s being kept under wraps for some totally unrelated reason, all of which does not spell c-o-n-c-e-r t OR t-o-u-r. And who says this is his last anything? No one but possibly Rain himself knows exactly when he is to report. The government’s final decision hasn’t been announced, that I know of.

    I am simply shocked and amazed at all of the weirdness that continues to come out of this situation. Holee Cow.

    Stephe ^@@^


  8. would you believe there’s a recent article in the Phillipines news stating that this is still a “Rain concert?”

    and would you believe that the article says that the “lead singer of MBLAQ has been drafted into the army, that’s why they couldn’t appear? O MY STARS,,,,,WHAT ON EARTH IS HAPPENING OVER THERE??? check out RL.


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