I’m still your man…

…and I loved you completely.

My favorite performance of September 12.ย 

Enjoy, Clouds.

Terri :-}

(Video & English Subtitles Credit: 2lyana)

~ by Cloud USA on August 28, 2010.

10 Responses to “I’m still your man…”

  1. Yup ! one of the best live performances ! He sang it fully with his heart and soul, so passionately, so emotionally, so beautifully..


  2. When he sings sept. 12 you can feel in his voice such a profound pain that just melts my heart. You keep wondering who is the girl that cause that kind of pain and what was the situation that broke that love. When he said that she should be happy even with other guy; that just kills me. Looove his songs cause they comes from the heart.


    • I saw an english subbed interview on one of those Korean variety shows, he’s always on. If I am not mistaken, he speaks about a former girlfriend he broke up with prior to “hitting the big time” because he felt he had to concentrate on his career and had nothing to offer her at that time. She’s a woman he really loved, but felt he had to let her go to pursue his dream………….


      • As I understand it, he felt he had to let her go because he had nothing to offer her at that time (she was already famous). Those were the early, early days, and so he didn’t even have a car to pick her up in for a proper date, and that bothered him. It was really important to him that he be a broad tree with strong, deep roots, so that he could shelter her from any storm, the way a man should protect his lady. And that wasn’t possible then.

        I do believe it was an amicable parting though.

        I’ve always thought of the Love Story/September 11th autobiographical songs as something that happened way after that, after he achieved stardom, where he really blew it with somebody. I seem to remember him saying he screwed up big time and there was no way to fix it. But then, this is only my take on things. Who really knows? ๐Ÿ™‚

        Stephe ^@@^


  3. Whoever the woman is he is singing about, I would bet money she would give anything to be back with him now……


  4. @busybee1982
    yup i agree he is such beauitful inside out and song every love song he sing very passionate to me it malting me all the time when i hear his love song it doesn”t matter whiches one they are soulful passionate and beauitful out from his heart and his faace of the expression play along to good love this gut to death ahahahah !!!!!!!!!!! :P)

    hey i fanmade this i know am not good enought but just wanted to share y this that all enjoy !!!


  5. isn’t that a beautiful song, sang by a beautiful person. rich tone and oh such a handsome face. thanks for sharing.


  6. Thank you for sharing..so nice..Thanx for the English sub.


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