Found on Discovery Channel International…

Rain, Kim Yu-Na, and Lee Byung-Hun, and information on their individual Hip Korea specials.

(Rain’s biography leads to an Error Message.  I’ve reported the problem on Discovery Channel’s site feedback.  Honestly, I don’t know why the man has so many problems with having decent bios online. :/)

» Hip Korea home.  And About, Photos, Videos, and Games.

Have fun exploring. 🙂

— Stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on August 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Found on Discovery Channel International…”

  1. to me i think so many eoor about rrain sent begining he never raise up upon his own bios at all for expamle like MTV took them to eye explore rain and write-up what a amazing rain have been doen for all his life and stehp corbert same thing he make fun of rain but the true is that his job but he raise rain to recozine in USA and make him become
    well know as an singer and actor for who is but i just seeme to understand for amny long life of rain bios how come their alway an error of him everywhere they post the thing it seeme he was even resis to the repbulic ot anywhere else suck WHO have such a good record, hardworker and so many frufil in his life and they could even make one sentence about rain reder in MTV or poll ect…. SORRY i did man to bias
    but they need to open his bios and start decover who this guy more esp in USA i feel downcase about rain for not enought for him to acomplish more then just Asia please don”t get me wrong i just saying that USA should have know rain more then just one thing about him and put him into a reailty their i might be off to much on here i don”t care!!!


  2. so did i. it’s really frustrating about these sites. you’d think just a small bit of time to just check out a wiki page would be spent before even putting Rain up.


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