[images] Today’s Domanja check.

The Runaway crew has much fun, don’t they? Haha.   — ^@@^ (source blog: Memo Rain)


Rain in his suit by ETRO, in Macao.   (source blog: Memo Rain)


Fresh Na-Young pic on the Runaway set.  (image: t.sina.com.cn/jihoonbaby, ratoka @rain-cloud)


Rain and Runaway cast in the Daily Apple newspaper.  (credit: shelley @raincloudHK)

~ by Cloud USA on August 26, 2010.

6 Responses to “[images] Today’s Domanja check.”

  1. This man just does not know how to keep that tongue in his mouth does he?…….I’m cool with that LOL!


  2. @stephe
    hey sweetie i found the link of the ETRO their alot toi see they are very quite and i see rain outfit in here too matter fact i gues rain probuly when to fashion show ahahahah joking and get free offer ahahaha joking !!! Lol…. @stephe u know what rain could got that at TOKYO or NEW YORK CITY it carries their oh boy he is s eye shoper ahahahah i see noww!! here are they store have it Las vagas, Las Angeles, new york, tokoyo

    here the link u can ckeck it out??

    CONTACK here

    i hope this help u setphe !! 🙂
    here the locating carries in store product


  3. And BI Makes that suit look GREAT! Like I said before I like it.And I love the picture with him sticking his tongue out hahaha! He is so fun, Cool cast picture.


  4. Don’t they all look so cute??

    About the ETRO suit, don’t u know I saw that earlier and was online for awhile looking at ETRO’s fall 2010 collection trying to find it? His whole collection had that crowned animal theme but I couldn’t find the suit. Ah well… maybe he made it just for Rain… Coz who else can pull that kind of thing off??


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