Sometimes it’s enough to make you cry.


What is up with the news this week?

Are things even SLOWER now than when the ridiculous “Rain lied about his height” controversy that shocked the entire world cropped up?


* Writeup #1: Rain is staying overseas and filming for so long because he’s trying to avoid going in the army.  Oh, really?  When he’s already been quoted as saying—

“As a Korean man, I believe that it is only natural to be dutiful to my country and enlist into military service…I will go within the next year.”

—back in May 2010?

*buzzer noise* Try again.

* Writeup #2: Rain and BbaekGa have proven themselves to be close friends.  No kidding.  We knew that » from Rain’s comments last year, back when BbaekGa was diagnosed with the brain tumor that forced his discharge from the army.

*buzzer noise* Try again.

* Writeup #3: BbaekGa’s personal pic (of him and Rain on the streets of Japan) is attracting tremendous interest.  We would never have guessed.  *heavy on the sarcasm* Of course it is!  And that’s not “news.”  *buzzer noise*


Well, at least the Asian media is trying, I guess.  Which is more than I can say for the U.S. media, who (with the exclusion of MTV this spring and summer)  love to ignore Rain.  And then constantly get his facts wrong when they do deign to mention the man.  *sigh*

— stephe ^@@^

~ by Cloud USA on August 24, 2010.

One Response to “Sometimes it’s enough to make you cry.”

  1. Ladies, don’t stress, the haters are coming out of the woodwork and capitalize on his name by printing total lies, thank God that 99% of people knows that thrash for what it is, aja aja BI!!! 😉


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