[images] Rain check.

Stylin’ and profilin’ for MCM.  — ^@@^  (image: t.sina.com.cn / source site: RAIN Germany)


The Man and his close friend… ZEPPing back in Japan.  Thanks for sharing this with the fans, BbaekGa!   (source: Memo Rain / raincloudHK)


In a casual moment.  (image: t.sina.com.cn, as tagged)


On the Runaway set in Macao.  Seems there is a lot more shade here than there has been in other places.  (images: t.sina.com.cn, as as tagged)

~ by Cloud USA on August 23, 2010.

4 Responses to “[images] Rain check.”

  1. it’s good to see Rain’s best friend back to good health, cause i think long time, good friends is one of those treasured gifts that life brings your way. although i think there are others who Rain counts as friends too (among his dance group). thanks for all of the pics. he’s dashing as always.


  2. babyboy looks sooo smith in his navy blue suite.


  3. gosh rain he is one fine as man in dresse man lord he just way to much for fashion and all thoes cloth very become him he endoser he make it ahaha so gergous of his look and that classic suit on look EXTREMLY handsome he is a world of DESINGER
    and advited who would see rain in the eye right he pull all thoes cloth i mean everything he from simple to sexy and classic to formal what a dielicated man i ever want to be ahah his handsomer never fail amaze me he pull of so good. STUNNING TODAY LOVE IT MUCK


  4. My babe looking Oh So DAPPER in his suit…..Love navy and tan on a man!

    (**side note**) The guy holding the umbrella……..that job’s gotta suck….Hope you pay him well Bi (SMILES)……Just where my head is at today, don’t mind me (SMILES)


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