[ETA English translation] What… his eyes are too small?

It appears that in this entertainment news segment, Rain has made a list (at #7) because of his too-small eyes.  Is that what’s going on here—they’re complaining, but in good fun?

I must say that at various times in the footage he seems to take it all in stride.  And the end is freakin’ hilarious. LOL!  Enjoy these sexy and cute Ji-Hoon visuals, all.

— Stephe ^@@^

MBC’s Section TV: Stars 2% insufficient, #7 Rain – small eyes. (credit: vid edited by scorpiola / scorpiolabibi1 @ YT.  Please do NOT re-up to any other youtube channels, thanks!)

(brief translation by rain bird @rain-eu. / [asides by Stephe in brackets])

In a survey of the star, people feel like there is insufficiency of about 2% although he looks perfect and confident, Rain was voted seventh.

Rain has somewhat small eyes for a hollywood actor.

Rain’s laughs with his eyes were popular at that time, the original was his idea.

(Pannel ‘Sin Jung-Howan’ is imitating Rain, squinting)

Reporter : Most women used to avoid dating with men who have small eyes, but it has been changing the face of male beauty since Rain’s debut.

Q: What do you think are the most attractive things about yourself?

Rain : It is my swollen eyes’ lines, I think. These are like 21st century eyes.

Rain : There is no need to use goggles while I’m skiing.

Once I was watching TV on the plane, leaning back in my chair, while most other passengers were sleeping. Then, even if I was opening my eyes, our stewardess seemed to think that I was sleeping, therefore, she suddenly spread a blanket and covered over my head with it.  [LMAO!  ROFL! ^@@^]

Gagman [comedian] ‘Son Hyun-Soo’ : I heard Rain has never gotten even a piece of grit in his eyes, so I’ll prove it through an experiment.  (As soon as he said, someone sprinkled water to him)  I’ve got water in my eyes!!  [ROFLMAO! ^@@^]

~ by Cloud USA on August 22, 2010.

5 Responses to “[ETA English translation] What… his eyes are too small?”

  1. rain is beauitful inside out from natrual he is don”t even think rain not beauitful u got that right he is a star he tottally sexy and beauitful man and guy that ever gril dragging fall behind the line i hope u jknow that ahahahah SO RAIN IS BEAUITFUL GOT THAT !!! 🙂 and his eye i found it so cute and attractive then any guy out their without any QUESTION ABOUT IT!!


  2. they are always teasing him about his eyes, clearly billions of women love his eyes the way they are


  3. He’s completely beautiful…….I think it speaks to his confidence in himself and his looks that he can poke fun at himself. It’s quite refreshing……(Smiles)


  4. im agree with you, he is so sexy and his eyes are the more beauty eyes in the world


  5. Oh please my Jihoon is beautiful and sexy all over. Those eyes say “come here girl” LOL

    I love him and I think he takes it all in stride and is like look at me now 😀


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