KBS America Stands and Delivers!

Hello lovely Clouds,

Who’s on Cloud Nine this week? Let me go ahead and answer that for you, for no reason other than I’m too excited to wait for your answer:  Me! :-}  (and Stephe too, of course.  ^@@^)

You would have thought that after our glorious Rain shopping trip a few weeks ago (which you can read about here:  https://cloudusa.wordpress.com/2010/08/06/cloud-usa-goes-on-the-hunt-for-rain/), my Rain fix would have lasted a little longer, right?  Well, you would have been wrong for the following reasons:

  1. Part of my job here at Cloud USA is to constantly look for Rain stuff suppliers.  (Yeah, a torturous job, and I know you’re feeling my pain, right?  :-})
  2. Rain is addicting.  Not being able to feed on new Rain stuff periodically causes Itchy-For-Rain-Stuff-Syndrome—an incurable disorder that flares up in me every now and again and compels me to go Rain shopping.
  3. Cloud USA members are always asking me where they might find Rain stuff, because they are also victims of Itchy-For-Rain-Stuff-Syndrome.
  4. The Internet, as wonderful as it is, doesn’t always cut it for viewing Rain stuff.

Recently, you might have noticed me or Stephe offhandedly mentioning a website called KBSWorldi.com.  Because we had discovered the website only recently, neither of us was prepared to give it a wholehearted Cloud USA endorsement, especially since we were still a little miffed at KBS over their “traffic regulation violation” nonsense during Rain’s comeback.  So, instead, we chose the wait and see approach, where we frequented the site and over time watched to see what might develop.

Well, all I can say now, Clouds, is the wait is over.

KBSWorldi.com is the website for Korean Broadcasting System’s (KBS’s) KBS America.  Established in 2004, KBS America is based in Los Angeles, California, and attempts to promote cultural ties between South Korea and the U.S. by offering popular English-subtitled KBS dramas and shows to viewers in the United States (through broadcasting, videos/DVDs and VODs).

KBS America airs the most popular programs selected from KBS World, KBS TV1, KBS TV2, and KBS Sky. Broadcasting schedule varies depending on which carriers the audience is subscribed to and where they live. While KBS America delivers its broadcasting signal to the subscribers of regional MSOs in major US cities, it has increased its platforms for broader access through Dish Network. With its video distribution service and newly launched online video service, KBS America will be a lot closer to you than you might think.  ~ http://www.kbs-america.com/about/overview.aspx

Several months ago, I purchased some “viewing points” on KBSWorldi.com, so I could test them out for Cloud USA.  One of the test shows I watched was Rain’s episode of Happy Together (May 2010).  Although the points system can get pricey if you’re not careful, I was pleased with the high quality of the episodes I watched.  The English subtitles were also well done.  I have since watch other shows and have been just as satisfied.

What interested Cloud USA the most, however, was the website’s E-Store, through which KBS offered for purchase all three of Rain’s KBS dramas: Sangdoo Let’s Go to School, Full House AND A Love to Kill!

Of course, we immediately bought Cloud USA a copy of each of the dramas to 1) support Rain’s work and 2) be sure that this almost “too good to be true” deal was the real thing.  We are delighted to report that it was.  Our package was shipped out the same day our order was received—by FedEx Ground no less—and it arrived safe and sound less than 7 days later.

As you can see in the photo above,  Sangdoo! Let’s Go to School was the only drama KBS America still had available in the retail-packaged DVD version. The other two dramas, Full House and A Love to Kill, were only available as “Episode on Request” sets, which means that they came to us in a not-so-attractive orange KBS America box.  All the episodes are there, but if you’re into cutesy retail packaging and marketing extras, then I wouldn’t suggest you buy them straight from KBS America.

On the other hand, if all you are interested in is making sure you get legal, broadcast-quality, Region 1 DVDs to watch on your big-screen HD-TV?  Well then, I say KBS America is the way to go.  As an added plus, the price was also quite reasonable.  We got all three sets for a total of $158.99 USD, with no shipping costs added.

So, kudos to KBS America, from Cloud USA.  We are pleased with your efforts to promote cultural ties between South Korea and the U.S. and we are delighted that you have brought Rain a little closer to his U.S. fans.  We can’t wait until the Fall, when we will be able to watch Rain’s next series, Domanja, and then actually buy its high-quality, English-subtitled DVD’s directly from you.  :-}

Wishing you many Rainy days,

Terri :-}

~ by Cloud USA on August 19, 2010.

11 Responses to “KBS America Stands and Delivers!”

  1. Thankyou for all of this information. It is really a nice thing you are doing for US fans.


  2. this is very nice done very did a great job on the i could from sando let go to school when i shop in chinese whiches carries alot intertion k-drama cd ect… not the only on i did have is his K-drana in my native langues i was impress some country and city does have rain goodies unfortunally i just have to get onlune and i glad KBS very bring good product and that was very good new so see it i have ALK,FULL HOSE, need more plus new FUGITIVE coming soon that must a have !! 🙂


  3. yep, very appreciated. i have Rain’s three dramas, but this is a blessing to know i can watch and purchase “Fugitive” from here. how i wish KBS would include his music and concerts sales. that would really be one stop shopping for all things Rain for me.
    thanks for the info. cloudusa.


  4. Thanks for the info. I went to Mallkee.com and was able to buy all three k-dramas for less than $60.00. They were brand new and with Eng Sub. Loved them all. Just another aveune to buy Rain goodies.


    • Wow, Gee.

      That is a really REALLY good price. Are you sure Mallkee.com is legit? I’m just asking. I don’t see any strange reports about them on the Internet though.

      Has anyone else heard of/used Mallkee.com?

      Terri :-}


  5. yay! I need to watch A Love to Kill and I’d like to watch it in better quality than 8 min. crappy looking you tube videos.


  6. Thanks Ladies. This is really good info. to know, and looks like I’ll be purchasing DVDs as well. 🙂


  7. ok ok that’s all i needed ~ i was on the fence about getting LGTSSD i have the others. YAY


  8. An added note:

    I just got my weekly newsletter from KBSWorldi.com and look! You might want to pay particular attention to Event 2. The Event Page link is long, so just go to http://www.kbsworldi.com and look for Summer Events, then Back to School, and you’ll find it.

    Rats. And we just bought Sangdoo at full price too.

    Terri :-}

    KBSWORLDi Summer Event is On now!
    Don’t miss your chance to save big and get free gifts!

    * Event 1: K-Drama Summer Special
    Buy one of the followings:

    • ‘Happiness in the Wind’ or
    ‘The Great Merchant’ or
    ‘Summer Scent’
    ► Get One FREE 2D1N EOR Set

    Buy one of the followings:

    • ‘Jolly Widows Full Set’ or
    ‘Emperor Wang Guhn Full Set’
    ► Get Extra Savings (Up to 65%) &
    One KBSWORLDi Gift Card ($20)

    * Event 2: Back-to-School Special
    • ‘I am Your Teacher’, ‘Master of Study’, or ‘Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School’
    ► Get Extra Savings (Up to 50%)

    * Event 3: Get Your Points Back!
    • Three members who watch the most DRAMA’s during the event period
    will get all their DRAMA points back

    * Event Period: Aug 9th 2010 ~ Aug 22nd 2010 (PDT)
    * Visit our “Event Page” for more detail.


  9. glad to know of another venue for Korean stuff…and specially BI!!!…thnx ladies, it is greatly appreciated 🙂


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