Back To The Basic: the Asian Special Edition…

[Cloud USA] … is to be released August 27, 2010.  (Thanks to Rain Europe for this information.)

B2TB can’t be considered only a Korean album now.  With all the extra versions that have come out (Japanese, Chinese/Taiwanese, full Asian), it is truly continent-wide.  Congratulations, Rain!

This is why all of Rain’s fan sites in the U.S. must continue to build and solidify his fan base here—it is only with solid numbers and evidence of a sizable market that we’ll get our own albums.  It’s not just a matter of Rain doing English songs.  He can do that.  But the Powers That Be must see proof that a large enough populace is demanding those songs and waiting to buy them when they hit, first, before they’ll be willing to take the leap.

The more Rain blogs, forums, and fan sites, the merrier!  There are many fans out there who are still isolated and have no idea that there are English-speaking places where they can share their admiration for Ji-Hoon.  There are people who have yet to even discover him.  Let’s work together to find them and welcome them into this vast Rain Fandom that spreads across the planet.

Individually, we are tiny cries in the wind.  Only with a united voice will we be loud enough to be heard.

— stephe ^@@^

Credit: YesAsia / EN by YesAsia and scorpiola

Release Date: 2010-08-27

. 收錄comeback 之作“Hip Song”以及排行情歌“挽留妳的歌” 英文版
. DVD收錄”挽留妳的歌”音樂錄影帶及幕後花絮;全球獨家DVD加收“Hip Song”, “Love Song” Live 演出經典現場


.Asia Special Edition comes with a DVD with ” Love Song” music video, music video making film, and two live performances (“Hip Song” & “Love Song” @ M! Countdown).
.Its package is different from Korean and Japanese version ; It also comes with two exclusive postcards.

過去一年半,他的名字登上好萊塢大螢幕,並且成為當紅男孩團體的幕後推手,Rain、在亞洲樂迷千呼萬喚期盼下,以君臨天下之姿、帶著全新音樂作品”Back To The Basic”重返流行樂壇!從清純無邪的鄰家男孩瞬間成為全世界矚目的巨星,靜默的神態中散發出性感野性的陽剛魅力,他是眾所熟知韓劇「浪慢滿屋」的李英宰,也是好萊塢電影「忍者刺客」的RAZIO。但對於Rain而言,音樂是他的最愛的舞台,並藉由這張回歸自我的專輯中完整展現:期待值MAX的首支單曲「挽留妳的歌」音樂錄影帶邀請了女星韓藝瑟演出,悲傷的顫抖歌聲,如泣如訴地觸動所有人的淚水,展現了抒情的Rain;而「Hip Song」以一貫自信加上無人匹敵的Hip Dance!給你動感的Rain。亞洲限定盤特別珍藏「挽留妳的歌」英文版「Love Song」,DVD收錄「挽留妳的歌」音樂錄影帶外,全球獨家加收Rain在M! Countdown節目中精彩演出「Hip Song」及「Love Song」的歷史時刻!

After starring in the Hollywood actioner Ninja Assassin, completing a world tour, and taking a hand at producing his own boy band, Rain is back in Korea, and back at what he does best. Rain’s anticipated special mini-album Back to the Basic comes with five new cuts, including one English song. The album’s title is a reflection that Rain, though now an international superstar, has never forgotten where he started, and approaches his music with the same ambition and attitude as he did eight years ago as a newcomer. Rain himself penned the album’s main track, the ballad “Love Song”.

01. 挽留妳的歌  Love Song
02. Hip Song
03. One
04. Same
05. Love Song (English Ver.)

01. 挽留妳的歌 (音樂錄影帶)  Love Song (Music Video)
02. Hip Song (M! Countdown)
03. 挽留妳的歌 (M! Countdown)  Love Song (M! Countdown)

~ by Cloud USA on August 18, 2010.

4 Responses to “Back To The Basic: the Asian Special Edition…”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by L to the C, Let It Rain. Let It Rain said: Back To The Basic: the Asian special edition… #Rain […]


  2. Will you answered a question for me but when I was on twitter their were a lot of people that didn’t even know Rain sang and I found cloudusa by accident just trying to find out who was singing on ninja assassin well now I know but Rain needs to put himself out there more, another movie doing a few sitcoms an HBO special something talk shows you know how it goes and the powers that be should to! What about Elle in the U.S. That’s how Jackie Chan and others do it but Rain has even more to offer however,and whoever is representing Him in America needs to
    get on it! And his fans base will grow. And I also have to say not enough of Rains fans marketed him or they were very I love him on tour but now this person is on tour I just couldn’t believe the disloyalty and I stoped
    cause some wonderful fan of someone else(I wouldn’t say) put a bug in my system. And messed up my uber I was new at that to but the contempt of people really amaze me still and how far the go!


    • @lotus6000,

      I agree with you 100%…….RAIN’s reps in the U.S. may not be doing enough to get him noticed more over here. He had MOMENTUM after the MTV awards, well in my mind you CAPITALIZE on that momentum. When Ricky Martin did that sexy dance at the 2000 Grammys, NOBODY in the U.S. market really knew who he was, but after that night the door for him flew WIDE OPEN and he said his phone was ringing off the hook that very next day. Fortunately, Ricky had an English album already in the works, so his record company made him put a “RUSH” on it and the rest was Latin Wave history. So it can happen, OF COURSE with the right projects, but also with the right guidance for an unfamiliar market.

      Like you (@lotus6000), I went in search of RAIN after watching the Ninja Assassin movie. I can say I LOVE his music, LOVE his moves, LOVE his acting. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Korean and everything regarding him is in Korean and/or other Asian languages (understandably so). However, the spark has been lit here in the U.S. and you have made us BELIEVERS in you and your talent we just want more of the man we have come to ADORE. The only way to do that on a grand scale is through music or movies. If RAIN is not ready for an English album, then how about another U.S. movie. I personally think he should have done Sly Stallone’s “The Expendables”. That movie was released right after his MTV win, it would have been Phenomenal for him and we U.S. Clouds. He would have gotten much more U.S. exposure. RAIN has to have a U.S. PRODUCT out in the marketplace FIRST, be it a CD or a MOVIE, so the “SUITS” will get behind him. They know he’s good in the Asian market already, but he still has to do more in the U.S.

      So I am urging you BI give us more U.S. face time so the “powers that be” will push you here!!


  3. Lets all work toghether!!!


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