[fan made] Let us revisit the “serene forest deity” & the “introverted rock star.”


— Stephe ^@@^

(now that I can talk again)

This is why Rain’s photo shoots are so successful and full of emotion… he isn’t just posing here.  Not really.  He has created a character in his mind, the same way he does for his music videos and for his acting roles (based on his surroundings, and on the tone the director and photographer need to convey in the pictures).

It may appear that he’s using the same facial expressions in both shoots, but he’s not.  Look closer.  For NR, he was at peace and quietly happy.  For HB, he was sullen and somewhat sad and lonely.

I’ve written fictional characters for years, so I can spot the process when someone else is doing it too.  And so can Terri.

The man is good.


From RAINY DAY Season 1 footage, Rain’s Nature Republic shooting in Australia.  (credit and edit: 3asian/625pocky @YT)


Also from RAINY DAY Season 1 footage, Rain’s photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Korea.  (credit and edit: 3asian/0625pocky @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on August 17, 2010.

7 Responses to “[fan made] Let us revisit the “serene forest deity” & the “introverted rock star.””

  1. i agree that is the right words hedonitic
    righ on rain is a person SHOW his pursuit and very devote to everything he is indeed 100%
    and ias i watching this i am intaking by that post i think a new recornation have been reborn !!! ahahah even thoudh i use to goes crazy over chinese idol but man after know rain i fall dep with his acomplish everythihng even a real sexy model could beat rain ahahahah


  2. he looks so sad in the second one


  3. *LOL @ BiAlamode stomping down a church aisle in stilettos*

    If I may be so frank… before Ji-Hoon came along, I had no idea that any Asian man had a backside like this. Consider me re-educated.

    Stephe ^@@^


  4. Harper’s Bazaar………Could he be ANY MORE BEAUTIFUL…….He makes this Southern Girl do the holy dance!!!!!


  5. Absolutely.

    The differences are subtle, but they are definitely there.

    Mother Nature’s son
    Hedonistic rock star

    Terri :-}


  6. i loooove the pics from that Harper’s Bazaar shoot… The pics are beautiful and he’s such the hedonistic rock star in them. They create such a mood…


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